Novice network COO TongWenGong: logistics platform is open to the whole society

message on May 30, novice network chief operating officer TongWenGong said in Beijing that novice network logistics platform is open to the whole society, hopes to become a respected social logistics industry sectors.

2014 China (international) industry development conference, novice network COO TongWenGong appearance, and make a speech. Novice network set up to a year, less open information release, the industry for its business and model speculation constantly. Novice network will continue to use, she said, “an open mind to meet each logistics partners in society, whether express company, or warehousing service enterprises, whether company truck line, or air transport enterprises, rookie logistics platform is open to the whole society.

she thinks, electricity time has come for a huge change, logistics industry will be more intense market competition. The past few years some of the express industry price competition will eventually lead to a drop in the quality of service industry as a whole, let originally light assets of express industry burden on his back. She thinks that in the future market competition must be more diversified, who can keep up with the changing needs of consumers and businesses a particular, provide a unique service value experience, who will gain a foothold in the future competition.

TongWenGong reiterated that the novice do not express, rookie will not buy a truck, rookie will not hire a Courier. Novice network executives in public for the first time to talk with self-built warehousing: “we get all over the country to the construction of logistics center, for a better connection on the physical stores and express delivery enterprises; We set up basic information platform for information technology (it) is willing to modify and improve ability of partners provide support; We provide data products, hope to provide reference for the development of the industry and construction and services.”

TongWenGong said finally, the socialization of logistics synergy forces must be able to create more products and more excellent service, the domestic express industry is expected to be produced and keeps abreast of UPS, fedex international express delivery business.