O2O “rotten street”, the little 1 year old company raised $73 million

in the past two years, O2O became one of the most popular vocabulary mobile Internet era. Both have high above the large enterprises, and newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger start-up, seems to be just and O2O, can coruscate gives great “money”. Unfortunately, when FourSquare, travel, etc to push this model based on the location of the business news play time of rotten (and, of course, all claims to overturn WeChat), the field of O2O seems never to cross out the inherent mode of barriers. At this juncture, house for lease an online and some of its imitators, gave to some new enlightenment in the field of O2O entrepreneurs.

if you are familiar with the reality, then the next hunting cloud network editor jun to tell you about the startups – Storefront mode, can say is someone whose variation. Both are served for the role of the “online mediation”, it’s just an communication are tourists and rental housing, while the Storefront product retailers and retail store up Bridges between the lessor.

for example, say you are a retail agent in Coca-Cola’s (of course, you can also is an independent retailers), due to funding and data resources are limited, you have neither capital lease fixed retail stores, and do not have enough knowledge to analyze exactly where to sell their products. At this time, the role of Storefront becomes very important. As an “online retail stores intermediary”, Storefront on the one hand, can be associated to those who are idle retail shop lease, at the same time, for those who had retailers find the bustling, no long-term lease, covers an area of different sizes for retail space (the smallest) may be just a display shelf kind of place.

don’t think Storefront just a similar housing intermediary website. The small company holds a lot of resources both retailers and retail stores. It can help companies entering the retail industry to bring the most flexible and save resources of retail stores, but also to help those people who have the free store resources to achieve the revenue. The Storefront, so far has been in New York and San Francisco, and reached a cooperation, more than 1000 stores in total for retail shop lease generated $40 million in revenue. For retailers, this kind of flexible ways and professional analysis of the business location, let them get the 7 times the income of rental shops.

from the point of view, to some extent, the Storefront is a new model in the field of O2O business. Many large investment institutions also very bullish on Storefront development prospects. Not long ago, this is only 1 year, only nine workers of a small company, received $73 million in financing from spark capital.

entrepreneurs have to remember that real success comes from innovation. Simply copy the successful model, can be to become cannon fodder.