October, apple and Nike cooperation, monthly production of 5 million wearable devices

according to foreign media reports Recode science and technology, apple is officially launched in October wearable devices. It is reported, this product will use apple just released HealthKit, monitoring service for the user to create a comprehensive range of health information.

Recode Internet technology industry’s most of the media, so the above message has a higher credibility.

before a report also shows the same point in time. It is important to note that the reported that apple this wearable devices will work with Nike, monthly production of 300-300 since October of wearable devices. Previously, Nike has stopped his wearable devices – Feulband manufacturing business. When there is news that Nike in the future will focus on health tracking devices software research and development, and take the way of cooperation with apple in terms of hardware.

now we don’t know what is so-called this wearable devices. But previous reports and analysis are considered to be a smart watches (iWatch). In has an internal document, cook for apple again this new equipment platform, claimed that apple will launch a “shock” of the new products.

pictured above is iWatch concept map