Octopus input method, can squeeze come in?

less input method? Many, sogou, fly, bing, touch the treasure, baidu. Why are new entrants? Market is enough big, and crowded, each with different advantages to users.

octopus input method, Bai Wenbao’s mobile phone input method product. Speaking of the company, we may be very strange, Chinese scratchable latex words in Chinese input method is their invention patent. In the era of functional machine, its built-in has swept China mobile phone manufacturers of the global language input lines of business.

the team’s new octopus input method, main features: a key word. In the input method, key words than the more close to 1, on behalf of the input is more convenient. Users using octopus phrase use whole put together have lost again, then can enter the first letter, every word with unique “one word one key” input.

the second characteristic is scene perception, general input method with vast amounts of thesaurus, easy to do intelligent matching in common usage scenarios. This is generally cells thesaurus and classification thesaurus concept. Octopus input method do is scene perception, that is, the user when used, the input data will be transmitted to the cloud and the corresponding location for bundling, when a site frequently appear one word, it will first be pushed to the front of the plane, find convenient.

words in addition to the billions of large cloud library, octopus input method also defines millions of xiao yun “thesaurus” scene, every scene in the xiao yun entry has the effective radius of like water ripple, entry will be as the user to use valid area by superposition.

octopus im experience for a week, remove often mistakenly hit the number keys, the touch of the largest is the early stage of the learning cost, accustomed to a input method after it is difficult to adapt to the other input method, after the habit of relatively difficult to replace. A key to remove a word, and the scene perception, common input is also very smooth, and other products have no much difference. Perhaps product details still need in real use to the scene to feel.

phone input method in plain English is actually a technical leading products, behind the technology innovation is the core competitiveness. Good input method of artificial intelligence technology, is behind the Bai Wenbao text crawler system is currently the Chinese information for hundreds of millions of times a day. Octopus Bai Wenbao behind the input method in corpus linguistics and statistical language model has a lot of accumulation, technological innovation in subsequent octopus products also are of great help.

but the technology market recognition input method to watch your back, users only look at you with great discomfort. Brand awareness and product publicity, most of the traditional input method has a foothold, to share in their mouth, need to be more skillful.

octopus input method

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