Office is the “octopus”, antenna has stretched to Chrome

Microsoft Office is frequent action recently, after recently launched its version of Office, is now facing the Chrome user introduced a Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote Chrome version of the application.

Office Online namely after Office Web Apps, currently compatible with Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer, and the application in Chrome store is for the use of the Chrome user further provides a convenient, users can choose to apply the series (Word Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote Online) added to the Chrome startup desktop, need to open up but quite easy and convenient. Didn’t show up for the time being, Excel Online, according to the Office on April 14, officer of the news, will be landing soon Chrome app store.

Microsoft Office officer bo also said it was continuous function optimization on Office Online.


Excel Online new features include to modify, add or delete comments, as well as the support of an embedded VBA statement. At this point, the user is able to edit VBA embedded statements form online, and don’t have to worry about VBA statement due to incompatible problems.

in the Word Online launched Tell Me, Microsoft in January said it will also add this feature to Excel Online. Now promises, function of Excel Online Tell Me pull through the form of form, to provide users with the convenience of search command.

Word 】 【Word of the optimization is to increase in edit mode. The new Word Online will allow users to add comments, comments and support multi-user real-time modification. At the same time, the Word Online further simplifies the footnotes or endnotes function, so that the user’s Online editor.

【 PPT & amp; OneNote 】

PowerPoint Online also increased the function Tell Me, and the updated version, the page editor preview function will be closer to the final show effect.

OneNote Online will further improve in the recent updates, support print function.