On news that the Xbox One September officially went on sale in China! (Microsoft has confirmed!

Update: Microsoft just announced that will unite the vision on sale in China in September this year the Xbox One.

always very by spectrum technology media said that Microsoft will in September this year, officially on sale in China the Xbox One. Reported this news credibility is extremely high, Microsoft officials may will be announced later this news.

recently, the domestic game ban seems to have no any obstacles in the policy. Xbox One game console in implementation in China, such as the landing is considered is just a matter of time.

after Microsoft and the vision to spend $79 million m a joint venture. Among them, the best media player account for 51% of the shares, Microsoft account for 49% of the shares. On production, sales, game consoles and other terminal equipment and related games, entertainment software and other cooperation agreement. Analysts pointed out that this cooperation will be released for companies such as Microsoft, SONY and nintendo.

since 2000, the Chinese government declared that adolescents have many degrees in order to prevent such as physical and psychological harm, decided to ban the game host products production, sale and import, etc. Earlier this month, the Shanghai municipal government announced the China (Shanghai) free trade area cultural market open implementing rules for the project. According to the rules, allowing foreign companies to engage in recreational game equipment production and sales, by the competent department of culture content review game recreational equipment can be geared to the needs of the domestic market sales.

if the above message accurately, so has been struggling to pursue Microsoft Xbox SONY playstation 4 One (first) with huge potential market. For domestic host game fans, this is really a good news.