Online doctor-patient exchange spring: network $150 million valuation 16 $$

from doctor-patient online trading platform network in a new round of financing, won $152 million, more than $1.6 billion valuation. The established nearly seven years of entrepreneurial firms, finally in the era of “Internet subversion inherent pattern”, ushered in the great development of dawn.

network as an online trading platform, doctors are mainly between patients and doctors put up a bridge of “communication”. Patients with login network, direct search related professional information. The doctor’s schedule and user satisfaction evaluation will also be present in the information. In addition, the network also allows patients to fill in the chart in advance even online booking. As a result, this platform is limited to reduce the problem of difficult patients, and to help doctors to optimize the configuration time. Network does not charge any fee to the patients. However, the doctor in the completion of each transaction, need to pay a fee.

so far, the network for the global more than 2000 cities of more than 120 million customers. The site of 5 million the number of active users per month.

in the last round of funding, network from Goldman sachs, DST, yuri? Milner, such as the investor, for nearly $75 million C round of financing. That time, the company’s valuation of $700 million. This means that in a year’s time, network valuations more than doubled.

in the interview, network CEO, said they don’t rush at the moment. Has not announced specific revenue situation, because they also need time to prove their own platform has the huge development potential.