Online Program

Via barrapunto I’ve gotten into the existence of CodeIDE, which is nothing more than a web page that supports programming in several languages, being able to get the results in real time, the truth is that for a rip-off … the idea is not bad although a priori I do not see more advantages.

Perhaps it is a better option for those who are starting in the world of programming.

Apparently, the latest news suggests that Dell along with Novel could be the first to distribute hardware with pre-installed linux, no doubt a precedent.

Despite the fact that the antisupply filter, IE7 Phishing has been one of its most advertised features, a new discovered vulnerability allows hackers to surround the built-in filter to prevent it from reporting that the page being accessed impersonates the identity.

A weakness of IE7 allows to hide the page that is being visualized at that moment. Then the phishing filter can not determine that this page is on the “black list” of web pages declared as identity theft and shows it without warning the user, which could reveal personal and banking data believing that it is on a secure website .

Michal Zalewski has been the hacker who has revealed the flaw, in which Microsoft is already working to correct it.


I read in Digital System about the OpenHack competition of 2002, which brought together the best American hackers.
Several web servers were tested, with substantial prizes:

$ 1,000 for modifying any of the OpenHack web pages.
$ 1,000 for obtaining the source code of one of the websites.
$ 500 for performing a cross-site scripting attack.
$ 1,500 for obtaining credit card information.
$ 1,000 for sending malicious SQL commands (SQL injection).

What I found most curious is that no one was able to take the prize (as I understand, and it seems a little strange) but the best thing was that a web server maintained by Microsoft remained standing with many attacks:

A website created by Microsoft engineers and using the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Internet Information Services 5.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 successfully withstood more than 82,500 attacks, managing to emerge unharmed after eWeek’s OpenHack 4 competition.

Who was going to say it :-P, if you are interested in the configuration that was used in this server, they explain everything here.

Workshops and courses at the university

This weekend we are having one of the workshops (there are 3 in total) taught at the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

Yesterday we had some talks about the information society and technological innovations taught by Professor Luis Joyanes Aguilar.

The talk, although a bit heavy at the end (5 hours) was quite interesting as it dealt with very current topics and cutting-edge technologies of which, although I had heard, had not paid much attention.

Of all the things that were commented on yesterday’s day, I prefer the HDSPA and RFID, this latest technology has caught my attention, and I will investigate more about it.

This morning we are having another day, this time on agents, given by Dr. Oscar Sanjuán (I have taken a short break to write these annotations :-P)

The truth, although they have been a lot of hours, I have found them very interesting and entertaining, I just hope that the rest of the workshops are the same.

Now to wait for the job (as a final project) to decide to send us, hopefully serve to learn something new, interesting and entertaining 😛 since we have so many jobs this year at least some worthwhile.