Online supermarket Instacart financing, valued at $400 million

it is understood that the amazon supply chain engineer before Apoorva Mehta founded by mobile shopping/Courier platform Instacart has embarked on a new round of financing.

last July, Instacart raised $8.5 million in A round of financing of the communist party of China, the round led by sequoia capital, Khosla Ventures, Canaan Partners, SV Angel and Paul Buchheit original investors continue to chase.

it is understood that the led not ever venture capital institutions, finance Instacart after a total of about $11 million of financing, trading after the valuation will be $400 million.

Instacart at present business is the focus of the daily groceries, products include agricultural products, cooked food, drinks, snacks, and cosmetics, etc. The user can order through its website or mobile application. Instacart cooperation daqo to tesco chain stores across the United States, such as small as the core city of regional stores (such as Chicago Dominick ‘s), a full roll-out of supply of goods also let Instacart “to” fast delivery of purpose on the day.

now Instacart has covered in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, SAN jose, eight core cities such as Washington. 2 months before entering the New York market, Instacart profit also present a spurt of growth with the business expansion, increased sales by 240%. In order to maintain and continue rapid growth, less than A year after A round of funding, Instacart again launched A financing, and planning to expand further.

most remarkably, Instacart another round of financing, many hedge funds and private-equity firms have expressed interest, visible industry recognition of Instacart prospects for development.

Instacart no official comment.