Only 30 behind the pot: after the millet complacency

this paper hunting contribute yong-jie sun cloud network readers

a few days ago, in December last year held in Taiwan red rice millet company mobile phone network to snap up activities for any quantity by Taiwan “fair committee” nt $600000 (124000 yuan) ticket news has caused strong repercussions in the industry. Although the real reason is millet after snapping up message sent yet F code, eventually to snap up the mobile phone number in the pool do not tally with the propaganda, the millet issued a formal apology statement, and said in the weibo only less than the announcement of the 30.

in millet was sent off at the same time, the data analysis of company Strategy Analytics provides data show that in the past quarter, millet divvied up the 5% of the global smartphone market share, quarterly sales more than 15.1 million mobile phones. Compared to last year’s 1.8% market share, millet in the mobile phone market share has reached 5.1%. The market share of only 0.3 percentage points fewer than in the fourth of lenovo, huawei 1.7% fewer than into the top three. For a set up 4 years, only in such a competitive industry of millet, and can achieve today’s achievement is not easy.

the reason we think so, not only because since the beginning of establishment of millet has always is in dispute, and even abuse of growth, it is important that the millet is early maturity. , of course, we here is not only a market share and shipments (after all, in this respect, “the cool”, especially the huawei and lenovo is now still ranks in the front of the millet), but millet in brand loyalty, ecosystems, such as profit margins on these matter in the future can have sustainable development momentum indicators have with huawei, lenovo and so on, and even in some ways have been surpassed.

according to mobile analytics firm Flurry, according to a survey in the past six years, the average iPhone user on the App, the amount of time than Android users. However, in its January 2014 (China) in 23000 cases of random sampling, only to find that millet more ahead of apple and other Android devices. If the iPhone as a benchmark (100%), millet users per capita App time is 7% higher than the former. Samsung and HTC user time spent on application, are respectively 14% and 27% less than the iPhone users. And well known is the fact that users in the App on the amount of time is to measure the goods whitebox handset user stickiness and ecosystem attractive important index.

in addition, in the past in the first quarter, Kantar for 15000 individuals in the continuous research and analysis shows that about 5% of new millet user is from iPhone users change; 17% of new millet subscribers is samsung users, 21% of new millet user before is huawei, zte, lenovo, cool users, 18% of new millet subscribers is nokia users. What the industry saw the analysis they think about or what conclusion, we believe that with millet ground village in the Chinese market to describe the most appropriate. In addition, analysts say, although huawei, lenovo lead millet on shipments and market share, but the highest on the profit margin is millet. And in the related brand loyalty survey, millet is leading the way. Of course, we also is limited to the Chinese market, the advantage of the millet is one reason why the personage inside course of study thinks millet is likely in the near future with the main cause of China’s smartphone market title.

it is important to note that although China’s market is still the world’s smartphones the largest and fastest growing market, but it is also the most competitive market, China mobile has 500 yuan 4 g phone, cool, zte and other one thousand yuan 4 g phone, all signal China’s smartphone market competition heats up will only worsen. And this competition will be the result of the pressure to the various mobile phone manufacturers to profit. That is why this year, the mainstream Chinese mobile phone manufacturers entering overseas markets (mainly in emerging markets).

from IDC for global smartphone’s statistics show that in the second quarter of this year, Y series of cheap phones outside of huawei in the Chinese market is rapid growth in many areas, and continued to expand its global market, in the second quarter results show that the momentum of huawei’s coercive. At the same time, although the lenovo smartphone shipments in overseas markets is less than 5%, but in the second quarter of this year, the proportion increased twice, especially in the bric markets, the shipments are increased significantly. It is not hard to see from this, in addition to the Chinese market, huawei, lenovo has launched a campaign to overseas markets, and small gains. Millet, by contrast, also can be just the layout, it is important to compared with huawei, lenovo, millet obviously lack of experience to exploit the overseas market, especially for the overseas market understanding and dealing with the rules of the game. Want to know, huawei, telecom equipment, feature phones), lenovo (PC) with their corresponding products in the overseas market for many years, accumulated many successful experiences and failure lessons, these all need to enter the same, and the new study and reference of millet in overseas markets.

there is no denying the fact that at the beginning of its establishment of millet and millet today is early maturity, even in the Chinese market has been a success, but with its overseas market, before the applicable rules of the game and success in the Chinese market pattern has been changed, if millet cannot assess the situation, for those routes, the effect of the development mode in the Chinese market is bound to be diluted, if mishandled, appear negative effect of market also not impossible.

as the saying goes: preventive. Maybe 30 gap in the Chinese market is only the error is negligible, but in other nature of the market is likely to be misinterpreted and even qualitative change, especially with the success of a millet in the Chinese market, frequently increase its visibility in the overseas media, such as this may, in our opinion the humble things will cause unnecessary negative impact, or even fall short. So, we remind millet, took out more seriously, even is correct, it have no then add to encourage attitude towards the world, will continue to succeed.