Only 5 years old local Thumbtack labor service company, Google, sequoia $100 million investment

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Thumbtack founded in 2009, is a local online services trading company, aims to have the needs of users and with labor skills of professional personnel, set up a bridge of communication, trading, evaluation and trust. Recently, online in the local labor market, the establishment of less than five years of start-up companies is a typical example. In a new round of financing, Thumbtack relief from Google, sequoia capital, such as the tiger fund had $100 million in financing.

user login Thumbtack, fill in the required personal services. After a Thumbtack will provide customers with more “competitive mount guard” professional personnel. After users through various contrast, to free choice. In addition, the user can also evaluate the professional personnel, establish credit files. At present the company is actively expand the business scope, the user will also be more bigger task to Thumbtack to deal with.

it is not clear how the profit pattern of Thumbtack. At present most of the online service providers is to take charge the labor exporter small commission model. There are, of course, does not exclude the Thumbtack full fees, draw the user’s development strategy.

Google capital partner David he points out: “Thumbtack demanders for service providers and services provided to date we believe that the best service.”

so far, the company received $150 million in financing. Thumbtack leaked, since its establishment, for at least 75000 professional service providers, the revenue more than $1.8 billion a year. Each year to help customers in more than 300 service trade cases.

the Thumbtack previously or amazon into one of the partners of the local Labour market.