Only $79, you can add a “second screen” to their mobile phones!

in the Internet age, more and more people receive information, also with the bigger the phone’s screen, but as handheld products, or want to consider portability, the phone’s screen, do not want to be greater than the tablet.

InkCase Plus under the trend of “big” provides a new way of thinking, that is “split screen”, or “second screen”. InkCase Plus is a for Android build affiliated E ink screen, or prototype, currently are raised on Kickstarter, hope to be able to complete the $100000 in financing, and successfully enter the market.

as a E ink screen, InkCase Plus has advantage in life, is said to be 19 hours. Although the content of the show is not enough, and as a simple text, reading news medium is suitable.

after the start-up YotaPhone introduced a similar E – the second screen ink products, but InkCase Oaxis Plus development company, the CEO of G – Jay Yong, said YotaPhone aims to make real-time synchronous double screen, so the user can’t in two different operations on the screen, can only choose either on the LCD screen operation, either on the E ink screen operation.

G -, said Jay InkCase Plus the suitability of the Android phone is wider, at the same time also supports independent operation – for example, users can watch YouTube video on the major phone screen, and in InkCase Plus receive text messages on the screen or push notifications. Reading remind other usage scenarios include game, check message in learning, and so on. G – Jay, InkCase Plus will pop up card information remind, can use, and paired phones match like a interactive platform.

as E – ink products, InkCase Plus of course also can as e-book reading good tools, in addition, Oaxis has also developed cycling applications, users may InkCase Plus fixed on bicycle handle, and through the E ink screen to view information such as speed, and the user’s baby mobile phone can be on a body or backpack, high degree of safety.

InkCase Plus is a upgrade version of the previously launched InkCase, more pay attention to use independence, Oaxis is considering opening the SDK, make application platform, increase the capacity of InkCase Plus.

now InkCase Plus related applications only three: provide a remote display photos, an e-book reading, and a is the cycling application mentioned above.

although InkCase Plus support Android, but its itself carry not Android, but own a lightweight real-time operating system. As a result, the new system will face early are scarce, and developers of recruiting bottleneck, familiar with the application of wearable readers will find that this kind of situation is more like the Pebble smart watch.

InkCase Plus operation relies mainly on the entity key, temporarily does not support touch screen. Users can borrow by a button, hang up the call, also can use button remote picture, or play music control.

according to G – Jay, if can InkCase Plus complete financing, will be released in October, according to investors, price at around $79. The InkCase Plus launched one of the reasons for the raise, also with the aid of the raise is the information provided to locate the InkCase Plus the support Android machine models. Currently, the main InkCase Plus support the Galaxy 5 s.

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