Only fans buying it Where is the star custom mobile phone now?

since last year, each star of the “feature phones” have mushroomed in general, but most of these phones, seemed to be just a flash in the pan, then disappeared in the crowd, did not have any news. Exactly how these star custom mobile phone sales, now is what appearance, we count together.

cui jian – blue bones

in April, 2013, Chinese rock music godfather cui jian, in domestic launched by his personal custom liaoning the valley of 3 g smartphones – “blue bone (BlueBone)”. The mobile phone is domestic first bright star custom phone. “Blue bones” with a 4.7 -inch 720 p hd screens, carrying a samsung Exynos 5412 faster 1.4 GHz quad-core processors, 1 gb of RAM combined with 8 gb ROM, rear 8000000 megapixel camera, 2500 mah battery, the price is 3998 yuan. This kind of mobile phone not only has a cui jian elements in design, built-in cui jian App in application, such as cui jian music, cui jian albums and cui jian video, in addition to push the information related to cui jian, can also convenient free point sing all songs of cui jian.

now more than a year later, in the phone in its starting platform amazon already can’t search, this kind of mobile phone sales, there has been no official. Is said to have had launched the phone is not to sell mobile phone, but to promote the works of cui jian. In addition, most of the high prices also let off, plus the hot topic already in the past, this kind of mobile phone unknowingly disappeared in the people eye is also hard to avoid.

han geng – heptyl phone

phone “g” is a pop singer han geng released in November 2013 a personal exclusive mobile phone, the machine USES 5 inch screen, equipped with a quad core 1.5 GHz processor, equipped with 2 gb of memory and 32 gb storage, with 13 million rear camera, as well as 5 million front-facing camera. The cell phones with built-in han geng’s exclusive ROM, including han geng recorded up and birthday wishes the bell, the homepage for the dynamic travel tips, and built-in exclusive expression “g” and exclusive built-in dance games, starting at amazon. In fact, this kind of mobile phone prototype is actually small domestic handset ustar c2, jingdong offer 1499 at the time, and the same configuration of the phone is sold by unscrupulous 2999 yuan.

in the same way, a reporter on amazon search phone “g”, the result is “are not available,” seems to have stopped sales. When yellow section for the limited version of the phone, the number is 5000, and just stores sold out, if the sales price in accordance with the optimal thought little c2 look, 2780-1499=1499 yuan, 1281 x5000=6, 405, 000, that is to say, just released a short span of time, heptyl phone team had at least 6.4 million, already break even.

sister lotus, the goddess of mobile phone

August 13 years, sister lotus is stepping into a cell phone ring, customize a goddess “phone”. The goddess of phone prototype for GO N1, is the domestic mobile phone manufacturers green orange custom. Fuselage thickness of 6.98 mm, with 5 inches FHD screen, 2 gb memory and 32 gb storage, fuselage also provides 8 million front and rear camera 8 million pixels. Processor is MT6589T 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU. Battery capacity is 2500 mah, run Android 4.2 system, price 1949 yuan.

the qing Chen’s official website, the phone seems to have lost its sight, the page can’t display properly, and the goddess phone prototype green orange GO N1, amazon now sells for 899 yuan, only two month sales. When sister lotus on weibo said the first batch of production of 50000 mobile phones goddess, if all of the 50000 units sold, income also is very handsome, don’t know what will be the second batch of to continue selling.

shui mu nian hua – 100 + mobile phone

on June 20, 2013, one hundred percent of the company together with the combination of shui mu nian hua launched “100 + shui mu nian hua” brand mobile phone. The 100 + mobile phone use baidu cloud depth of shui mu nian hua custom custom operating system, with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processors, equipped with a 5.0 -inch full film screen, 1 gb of RAM + 4 gb ROM, 8 million pixels main camera and 2 million pixels front-facing camera, sale price is 1399 yuan.

don’t what we expected, we only search on the Internet to its sale information, 100 + website, the phone has been replaced by the new 100 + V6, steady wave after is the Yangtze river.

summary: through the above a few star custom mobile phones a year later, without exception are much cry and little wool. They just sell, carried out extensive publicity, make break even will stop, and rarely consider the following models and service, thus star custom phone only stars use their name to attract fans to buy, and their fans to buy this cell phone is also a play, a may get. Stars only customized mobile phone systematically, quietly disappear, collective sale of fierce propaganda and now quietly before form sharp contrast, hard to avoid some let a person gasp.

this article reprinted from the Pacific Ocean computer network