Only need 10 seconds, KeyMe can “steal” thy keys

in the past, copy a key, you may need to daub rubbings, then passed on to professionals, what needs to be some professional technology. But in today’s information age, with the aid of the power of the mobile phone App, a layman can easily create a “backup keys”.


today to introduce the application of cloud network editor king hunting KeyMe, is such a duplicate key “to” as the theme of the application, both for users to create a lost key, to avoid the dilemma we have not back home; And the key to the safe for the user to add on the sort of uncertainty.

uninvited also easy

the first experienced by the writer’s story.

the author KeyMe function is used as the test before, had very formally notified the friend “I may suddenly appear in your house!” Friend, of course, also with no heart. Therefore, when the author for the first time after days left after drinking tea chat, swagger again went into the study, the junior partner is clearly stunned.

how did all this happen?

at the beginning, because the friend doesn’t want to go downstairs to open the door, and tosses them upstairs to let the author himself opened the door and came in. And the author of the stairs that just a few minutes, it is duplicate keys and key – he make full use of the scanning function of KeyMe, for 30 seconds to complete the information input key models.

3 d information have a key, then everything is easy: find the 3 d printing KeyMe site, a fingerprint verification account information, select key information just the scan is complete, before long, a new key is fresh – is just scanning the key backup.


here, there would be only back to friend downstairs, finished the don’t please from into the game.

convenient service or unlock accomplice

see here, everyone is also began to lose in my heart, thinking: KeyMe this app how see how like a “thought the ghost who commit crime tool”.


in fact, the real purpose of this product is safe and convenient for the user — to help users to collect the key image information, and allows the user to data uploaded to the server, on the basis of that, if the user accidentally lost keys, or temporary need to backup key, can pass KeyMe site to get to 3 d printing new keys. Support KeyMe print key type is also very wide, including the type of bottle opener key and grow with rapper Kanye West as keys, and so on. The user can choose to send to somewhere after 3 d printing, also can choose in KeyMe established in New York City’s five sites waiting to get in real time.

KeyMe, KeyDuplicated, Keysave included several main key security company, aims to resolve key lost cause inconvenience – via smartphones scanning function, the automatic play key machines, and 3 d printing technology. The company provides the key information backup and storage, the user as long as after confirmation, can according to upload information to copy a new key, can also email to a specified companions.

it is a pity, this service is the technology of exploring spirit rich curtilage to play bad – may leave your key at hand a few seconds, but it may have been copied (or is) on the way to be copied. In this paper, the author’s practical deeds is very vivid example.

especially, KeyMe had proudly announced that some indicate the key to the “copy”, such as Medeco, the Mul – T – lock, Schlage sell higher safety factor of key can be copied out. The KeyMe car keys can be replicated already, KeysDuplicated are also under development. In this case, the parking service is not so on.

all kinds of unreliable in view of the present situation, KeyMe repeatedly stressed that “only the owner can scan key”, and “scanning process will ensure that the scanning is carried out formally, rather than a temporary capture.”. According to KeyMe, the key can only be effective from key string to be taken when scanning; At the same time, the scan must want to have a white background, from four inches outside start scanning. However, the author of the process validation prove that these “checks” is pretty easy to deceive the past, the author tests, not the key partner in the childhood on the ring to be removed, scanning is in the process of the stairs hurried.

for this situation, KeysDuplicated response did not give too much. But Wired CEO Alirahimi call letter said “KeysDuplicated not everyone can use, copy, key shortcut.”

electronic records help check


when the author interviewed KeyMe founder and CEO Greg Marsh, Marsh pointed out based on KeyMe copy of this kind of application of electronic key means will be safer than traditional replication methods, first of all, KeyMe accounts will have duplicate records, use the credit card information, on your site login scanning fingerprints, and so on all let the entire key replication process “track record”.

thus Marsh says “once someone illegal use of the key to the replication, KeyMe will provide quite a clear way to query.” If the victim to report and think KeyMe duplicate keys may be “accomplice”, so KeyMe will scan the key to the victims, and compared with the database information one by one, to see if there is a duplicate record previously. Marsh said KeyMe information highly confidential to the customer, and will be careful to stay, but also willing to try our best to assist the police check.

however, Marsh rhetoric or some shortcomings – one thousand of the victims had never heard of KeyMe replication service or related key, how can think of to ask verification KeyMe etc. Service?

the Marsh fairly optimistic attitude, “although now a lot of people don’t understand KeyMe such services, but this situation will soon be changed. We are trying to raise public awareness for such services.”

keys hidden well, need to be careful with the

in addition to the optimization of process safety and perfect service, the public itself should also improve key takes care of the degree of caution – though the key and password function and importance of about the same, but now, you can “hide” password carefully, but rarely done so to materialization key to stay.

Marsh’s advice, this is the “pack up your keys, stay cautious.” The lock expert and in the Netherlands

all consultant Jos Weyers said, “if the key in sight more than 20 seconds, will have to seriously consider

the ‘ ‘the possibility of missing information. If key later appeared in front of you again, do not rule out it is

a copy. “

after the HOPE of a hacker conference, Weyers has “on TV show the key secret keys are permitted to take pictures photos, the safe hidden trouble of” this one theme speech. Have certain research in the field of unlock experts, pick up the pictures as long as can duplicate keys to quickly, and with the help of the current 3 d printing, laser cutting technology, copy the keys to the work done is more easier. As early as 2009 team completed a called Sneakey (stealth) research projects, through a photo of the arbitrary Angle shot 200 feet away to complete copy of the keys. Therefore, it is conceivable that the keys on the belt is no longer safe, let alone to let others take to.

it can be said that the KeyMe promotion of this kind of service, helps the public understand that in today’s era of science and technology, the key to the replication is how easily, and thus realize that need to be more cautious attitude to keep your keys.