OOLOO is unique, makes the human voice version of Google

is famous for data support and synchronization service of iDrive (don’t want to many, and apple didn’t have anything to do), this time with a mobile application called OOLOO. (this is the name of have no normal desirable?) In simple terms, what this app is a human version of Siri. When you ask your phone problem, is no longer cold machine voice and a computer program to answer you, but a real person.

the idea is not new. In 2007, Jason Calacanis has issued a manual search engine site tallied, by artificial to answer people search problem. Now the company still exist, but is no longer provide search services, the latest news is that it has already become a kind of mobile phone news application.

meanwhile, twitter co-founder Biz Stone of the new company Jelly launched a similar dominated by the user’s mobile phone search engines, like Yahoo Answers after optimized, but seems to be particularly attractive to the masses of the people are still not.

this app is very simple to use. You on your mobile phone microphone to tell your problem, and then push information when someone answer received. Company recommends users can contribute to the visit, commodity and short sentence translation, direction, etc. But, of course, if you want to, you ask what all can.

the common issues encountered by the artificial search engines are cannot match with Google. No way, everyone is a deep-rooted habit using Google to search for answers, they want to ask a person than on the Google search information more quickly. In addition, artificial to answer the question seems to be content number number also cannot meet the needs of the user.

“we just think a lot of applications, such as Siri, can be more useful.” In Matthew Harvey, iDrive Biz dev, director of the said.

in the test, my question in a couple of minutes to get a relatively accurate answer. In addition, I also will get a web page link to let me know more about it.

since last Friday OOLOO issue till now, OOLOO have 10000 downloads, in more than 50 countries dealt with all kinds of questions. Should demand, they have now made a temporary version of OOLOO U.S.

as for OOLOO how future application prospect. Let time to test it.