Open the war god, it is difficult to make peace

baidu and regardless of what “holiday truce” Internet rules, fly in launching an attack each other, the god wars began. This is not the interpretation of “words” from the outside, due to the vital interests in relation to each other, the two sides in the product, technical, legal, and even the PR move up in such aspects as very serious. This distance UC has just released what search 3 days, and in the conference there have been many signs point to a war will happen sooner or later.

ucweb CEO “first gentleman”

, to release what UC search, ucweb CEO attitude clearly, avoid direct confrontation with baidu. He used a lot of space to baidu, the greatest PC Chinese search engine “tribute”, UC has several performance is quite intriguing.

when the reporter asked the UC to baidu is gentleman after a first? Ucweb CEO’s answer is, UC don’t want to also won’t do. Browsers and search engines are born of a couple, the browser do search is inevitable. think UC mobile search is still at the early stage at present, the experience is not good enough, advertising is too much, one screen at a UC can go to change. It is obvious that this points to the baidu.

and UC what also shows the search after the Robots. TXT files not shielding baidu spiders, also unveiled a notarized certificate in a businesslike manner. What search does not own the UGC channel (wikipedia, know, etc.), have tried to do UC social network UC paradise did not succeed. What this means that baidu doesn’t need to grab the contents of the search.

Robots. TXT strategy is just to prevent baidu to Robots restrictions. For the next baidu will be how to counter, UC has been sufficient consideration and preparation.

what search took no 360 strategy, namely, hold each other shortcomings, take some dirt on the means of malicious attacks for each other. Ucweb CEO forwarded UC about baidu “accidentally” weibo said nothing, but zhou is the outsider forwarding attacks baidu again.

ucweb CEO is honest.

and hard war

what interested in stagger turneth the edge of baidu, but who knows, it’s not possible. All words and forms cannot avoid conflicts brought about by the core interests.

UC declared to do international mobile innovator in the search, search what the future will also be internationalized. However, from what the noun and the sm. Cn the Chinese domain name, UC or want to attack Chinese mobile search, actually.

for whether it will do PC search, ucweb CEO answer is direct, No , UC focused on mobile. The early stage of the UC has gradually made TV browser and PC browser, spanning mobile become UC strategy, and what the search the search PC started with search and future UC in PC browser integration search is a big probability event. Although UC browser on PC market share is small, the future is hard to say.

ucweb CEO also said what search in the future will do independent App, pursuit from UC browser traffic more than 50%. That is to say, what search ambition is not just eat stock flow of UC. If do independent search App to compete with baidu will flow from the competition to the user.

UC the application of the distributed layout already, last year it acquired the PP assistant, UC now announced the PP in the assistant iOS distributing quantity has more than 91 assistant. On the application of distributed UC has the heart of the challenge baidu.

under so many conflicts of interest, the whether the UC from become the enemy of baidu baidu friend? Ucweb CEO did not directly answer, but that is competition relationship between enterprises, only the difference between competition than cooperation or cooperation than competition, ali has in the past have a crawler shielding on baidu, but ali is baidu’s big advertisers. UC seems to don’t want to be the enemy of the baidu silos.

ucweb CEO didn’t want to fight with baidu.

has nothing to do with right and wrong,

baidu doesn’t think so.

UC, see screenshot released from baidu baidu has distributed shielding system application of UC App , what search in the past such as the important channel to prompt jump on UC sanctions. Next is bound to have more efforts, from products to technology to pr to justice.

it is easy to imagine that the 360 to search after the launch of a series of events.

360 from the browser first cut off baidu flow; Then baidu have what 360 do what, has launched an, q&a, map page, such as wikipedia and other channel simply copying the contents of baidu.

baidu countermeasures is 360 in research and prompt the flow of the past to jump to the home page, and by the Robots. TXT blocked 360 search, forced to grab by the latter. 360 browser to baidu search results.

baidu to 360 the mandatory fetching and tagging has huge litigation without authorization, at present there are still legal.

two on the application of distributed to block each other, in the search results page associated with each other is very direct hint, called for the users don’t use each other’s products.

the above process, between what the mobile end and baidu, will be repeated. Has happened is that the UC browser began to choke off baidu traffic, including change the default search, modify, baidu search terms related to the home page text chain, modify, and hot words link and change the default home page, baidu is about UC jump, shielding sanctions.

it’s all natural. One of the moat that baidu is know, wikipedia, post bar UGC data, baidu application distribution also shows the power now. UC browser has the advantage of the mobile control flow channel, not baidu to cut off the possibility of zero.

this is the business competition has nothing to do with the moral, again to discuss this kind of behavior of right and wrong, and meaningless , 3 b war has been discussed for more than two years.

complex relations

UC relationship with baidu has a long history. Baidu moves at a time as much as 30% of the traffic from the UC, now reduced to 10%, the proportion will immediately drop a piece. Baidu is responsible for the mobile cloud vice President li Ming in the 10 years before and had to UC briefly served as vice President. Baidu last year was a UC the protagonist in the acquisition rumors, 360 king’s bounty.