OpenDNS raised $35 million, based on DNS security products promising

the earliest OpenDNS is just a simple DNS, transformation, two years ago to do a security company. With the help of the DNS technical background to provide network attack prevention services for enterprises and individuals. Mainly based on the enterprise primarily. In march last year won a investment of an unknown number. Look it transformation is good. VentrueBeat today revealed that OpenDNS and get a $35 million investment.

Sutter Hill Ventures partners, OpenDNS board members Stefan Dyckerhoff said: “OpenDNS is real entrepreneurs in many security companies.”

most security companies require users to install the software on a computer or mobile phone, even require installation in the network hardware. The software or hardware to monitor your network traffic, to protect your safety.

OpenDNS, on the other hand, its security services based on DNS system.

what is the DNS service? It is the one of the cornerstones of the Internet, you enter the URL pointing to the IP address of the specific, if there is no DNS, then browse the web can only rely on the IP address of the memory each face similar. OpenDNS is able to enter the security lies in its accumulation in the DNS service. DNS server can help enterprises to resist some third-party risk, employees can access some links or dangerous when it was blocked by the DNS server or received risk warning. The DNS service can also help companies to resist from outside attacks.

OpenDNS was founded in 2006, has been touted himself as a “security companies”. The current service for personal, free charge of the enterprise. Currently has more than 10000 corporate clients.

the investors including three big vc Greylock Partners, sequoia capital and Sutter Hill Ventures. Another OpenDNS has received from Glynn, Capital, Cisco Systems, Evolution Capital, the company Capital, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Northgate Capital investment.