Orange crystal CEO Wu Hai: why do I put options between the brothers

cloud network hunting note: orange crystal CEO Wu Hai announced in the middle of the night, once again, the company to give all of his options to orange crystal hotel staff, as a hotel chain in the Internet world is very famous and Wu Hai once all the options in their mortgaged to the investors, the biggest value for the old shareholders. One industry executive review: Wu Hai, don’t forget, god forbid!. Wu Hai why do that, and listen to the entrepreneurs.

the author: Wu Hai source: orange crystal official micro letter

I admit that I was selfish

yes, I chose to give all their options Carlyle, in exchange for the old shareholders maximum value; Yes, I will choose again all the company recently issued by the plan of a large number of options with my colleagues. Yes, you may think I am very unselfish, however, I admit, in fact I this decision is selfish, because my heart for your recognition of my value in the measure of friends is very important, word of mouth is very important to me, when I faced with money and friends, I choose friends and word of mouth, because this is in my heart value maximization, this is the most advantageous selfish choice to me.

of course, some of this article is also very selfish, one is to have the opportunity to get recognition and psychological satisfaction, 2 it is if you think I’m good also may take care of me to do hotel business


what is selfish?

I try definition to the selfish, selfish is to allow yourself to feel pleasure as the highest goal. Happiness itself is a kind of psychological feeling, not material, therefore, the material of selfless cannot be defined as a psychological selflessness. All, if the definition from the heart to learn, I would prefer to define selfish as to seeking the maximum psychological pleasure (Maximized Pleasurable Emotion or MPE) as the highest goal.

who all don’t say his selfless

a person’s selfish it had begun from the moment of birth, we won’t doubt pig for milk and other brothers and sisters, don’t doubt the pig to eat milk regardless of the lives of the sow. And newborn baby is not logical thinking and emotions, as a survival instinct reaction and the pig is no difference, he would like and your brothers for milk, the same regardless of the mother’s life. Just such a selfish and I grew up the pursuit of selfish and essential difference between emotion and the selfish is the nature of instinct, therefore, said “” at the beginning of the people, goodness is dao one thousand hypocrisy.

and the dedication of the adult world as one of the biggest “selflessness” is a great ignorance, because, for a normal person, selfishness is the pursuit of pleasure as the highest goal, psychologically, this itself is a normal psychological physiology reaction process, various thoughts which is formed by the social development, culture will affect the people in the psychological definition of happiness, can let a person feel the others, and therefore formed ideas about their own evaluation and became an important weight measure mental happiness.

so, it is easy to explain, when someone dedicated for national freedom in the history of the martyrs, when they face to the extinction of physics, they would be “sacrifice” people’s awakening “as an important weight, their psychological happy when the heavy to ignore their own physical survival, they will choose to sacrifice himself. From animal instincts, of course, this does not conform to the principle of survival first, however, from a large number of adult suicide, religious set these things it is not hard to see people in judging psychological happy sometimes will forget the first live weight, especially when a kind of religion or belief brainwashed, themselves to this kind of religion or belief of pay as the weight of the mental happiness is the most important.

so, don’t think that to sacrifice himself for his faith or religion, who is not selfish, he just let this kind of religion or belief pay a psychological pleasure yourself reached the maximum value of the weight of the most important.

even to beliefs and values of life don’t people are selfish, you dare say you those so-called altruistic behavior is not selfish?

who is the most reluctant to admit their selfish?

false of the people do not want to admit their own selfish, a mouthful of morality is the most reluctant to admit their selfish man, selfish and often such people than our selfish more terror: although selfish to their definitions and the rest of us, is the pursuit of psychological pleasure as the highest pursuit, but their guys in determining psychological happiness to the weight of different factors and we are very different.

a mouthful of morality message no one actually is a group of people who don’t want to let people see their false, they advocate their selflessness, and they hide your dark side to the psychological pressure is very big, this will bring the joys of their psychological negative influence, therefore, in order to achieve happy to maximize their psychology, they need to get more recognition, in order to expand the recognition is the weight of joy, and the degree of their behavior recognition itself is restricted, as a result, they will exaggerate their behavior, including advocating or invent their extreme altruistic behavior, or other includes literary tools such as descriptions, by better world and feelings, in order to gain more recognition, in order to obtain the weight of higher mental happiness.

in fact everyone know mouthful of morality basic is the literati, the representative of the population say they are on behalf of the people, because their social influence, they indulge in his own imaginary world of the fictional world to gain the recognition of people will no doubt increase the weight on their psychological pleasure, however, are inherent in the pursuit of some dark side let they cannot balance the dark in the face of the formation of the negative impact on psychological pleasure, they can only continue to make up their own virtual world, continue to show yourself, let yourself get more recognition.

on the contrary, people in the porn industry they expose their psychological happy very directly, in other words, to expose their own selfish: “the pursuit of the largest material rewards, to achieve maximum mental happiness”, and this work itself is not affected by social respect will form a kind of psychological pleasure on the weight of the negative, in order to gain greater psychological pleasure, they need more material rewards to the influence of negative weight balance is not respected.

I put the literati and the comparison is not to the porn industry practitioners with extreme example to demonstrate the selfish, but I hope from the greater level to illustrate a problem: we are all selfish, like porn practitioners, since we want to accept the reality of our selfish, we’ll remember a words: “do bitch don’t stand memorial arch. In addition, the influence of the literati, we remember an old adage: “wen and man-made country”. (sorry, compared with the literati on selfish I more respect for sex workers)

social system, cultural and other effects on selfish

material abundance is undoubtedly an important weight heart happy, but the material the weight increase is not increased, and material have material for psychological happy contribution margin will decrease with the increase of material. When the social material development to a certain degree, the material for people psychological pleasure the marginal contribution of constantly decreases, and the spiritual demand for psychological pleasure contribution weight will be more and more high.

humanity itself is a kind of social animal, therefore, the person’s psychology must be happy live in environmental and social impact, as a result, such as social system and cultural factors that affect people’s thinking mode is bound to affect the people happy for maximum psychological assessment. When a social system and culture the individual material and time for others to give (or help) as a respected behavior, people tend to help others to gain the recognition and respect of others, so as to achieve their psychological biggest happiness, namely: maximize selfish.

so, from this perspective, a good social system, a kind of upward culture will undoubtedly promote people to adopt “selfless help” to achieve maximum psychological pleasure of probability, which objectively make the social development and progress, make people life better.

Love –

just selfish subset

feelings belong to the category of mental categories rather than the material itself, as a result, the same as the psychological feelings and selfish two mental categories things together on becomes more complex.

“love” itself is a complicated mental process, but put the love psychology of selfishness will become relatively simple in the defined category.

love itself, in addition to promoting physiological reaction to form the objective facts of species alive, in fact is more of a psychological pleasure brought by the gender together, and selfish from psychology category to define itself is the pursuit of the maximization of happiness, psychological from this perspective, “love” is selfish subset.

“love” in the selfish to gain the weight is too big, so have to deeply discuss the

it is often said that “femme fatale” (the “beauty” refers to the male, to a woman to a man refers to women “), it is the love of people, the influence of history also has a lot of love for the sake of the Kings of the loss of jiangshan, how many has been dubbed the “adultery” charges and dismounted officials, this also shows the love from the side when evaluating psychological pleasure weights.

as a subset of the selfish love is undoubtedly a huge weight of happy for psychological assessment, as a result, people who love each other all sorts of behavior must be achieve psychological pleasure worth biggest best behavior, in other words, love is selfish subset, conforms to the psychology of love for selfish pursuit of maximum psychological happy all behavior, so, for the seas run dry and the rocks crumble love give everything for the biggest happiness in love is selfish pursuit of the most efficient way,

happiness “letting go is to you, to love the people, for the other party pay a lot of, some people even give up the love themselves to each other, this option will no doubt make the in the mind be very painful, it seems that do not meet the definition of selfish, but, in fact, really love each other, let each other’s happiness is their greatest happiness.

when one cannot, with one side the most losing party will no doubt the biggest happiness, then the party lose can choose their own pain transmission to the other party in the form of revenge, let each other psychological pleasure received a blow, is a fair on psychological feeling, so that their own psychological happiness by the negative impact of reduced, or, in other ways (or retaliate) get some psychological positive weights. Of course, another is considered the greatest love, is to let it go, let each other more happiness, objectively this kind of behavior is to make their own psychological happy to get some other weight. Two practices for their own mental happiness is positive, the reason why people take a different approach because of its own mode of thinking and ability as well as decided by your own view of the world brought by that how to evaluate its own psychological weight.

hug selfish and make society better

we discussed a social system, the relationship between culture and selfish, as a social system or culture can be admitted biggest personal psychological pleasure (in fact to accept selfish), a social system or culture will have a chance to lead or objectively to form a positive on the basis of mutual aid, inner selfish “selflessness”. The western developed countries believe in the “self”, in fact is a kind of euphemism to describe advocating “selfish”

as a result, a social system, a kind of culture can guide the whole society to form a kind of positive values, for example, to help others can get everyone acknowledged that will make people admit when evaluating “maximize their psychological happiness” on their material or time devoted to helping others as a means to maximize the psychological pleasure, people will naturally increase the probability of unselfish ACTS to help others.

when our society began to advocate the pursuit of each person’s “Chinese dream”, there is no doubt this is for individual psychological happiness recognition and help, this is the tremendous progress of the society, if we measure the realization of this dream can become their own psychological happy an important weight, we will greatly improve the probability that the social progress.


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