Our favorite all-around equipment? After the “phone” and “mobile phone tablet”

(/horse relief yi wen)

from IDC yesterday, according to a report in the Asia Pacific region consumers very prefer large screen, which has the function of call “mobile phone tablet” (pad phone). Note that this industry before and once a “tablet” (Phablet) is different, “mobile phone tablet” refers to the screen size in 7 inches above the tablet.

must specify the “mobile phone tablet” and “phone” is not general call industry in general. Although both represents the larger screen, with functions of intelligent equipment, but cloud network editor you think these two hunting equipment there is a slight difference. “Phone” foothold on the phone, is refers to the screen size is similar to the plate between 5 to 7 inches smartphone. The “mobile phone tablet” foothold on the tablet, is refers to the screen size in 7 inches above which has the function of voice calls tablets.

data show that in the second quarter of this year in the asia-pacific region (Japanese) “mobile phone tablet” shipments of 25%, in the same period last year the figure was 15%. In the second quarter 13.8 million tablet shipments in the asia-pacific region, the shipments of the “mobile phone tablet” is about 3.5 million. Although we can’t consider buying “mobile phone tablet” users must be purchased the equipment for phone, but OEM delivery ratio can show the user’s purchasing psychology.

as emerging markets in the asia-pacific region, including India and Indonesia both users of the above equipment is very keen. The general purchase tablet consumers will choose “mobile phone tablet”.

why we prefer “mobile phone tablet”? Analysts pointed out that in the Asia Pacific region users is price sensitive, they like a cheaper, has the multi-function equipment. There are a lot of people hope to buy a intelligent equipment for the calls and entertainment at the same time. Therefore, the “mobile phone tablet” all-powerful, such as low equipment will be welcomed.