Pan dalai, next face grade of products, make a picture for his generation of salt

if words express not want to, you should use pictures instead. Personalized avatar has been the face of swept through a circle, then whether the application stage.

pan dalai, with rich comic map to assembling your instant. To scenario text into doing fun social .

face ‘to’ avatar scored circle of friends, and the performance of pan dalai want, expression is to let people can quickly through the material to add text, to express their mood and the scene at this time. is simple, rapid, learning is their advantage of low cost .

share the happiness is a product of pan dalai presented the overall atmosphere. Geared to the needs of users is like anime, lovely heart, life is a little small literary, SAO years of age is low in my heart. Pan dalai to provide them with all sorts of wonderful work DIY comic elements to express themselves.

team told xiao yun, at first, the team will want to do an interesting fun mobile applications. At the direction of movement on the social. Let the current state of the people to express themselves, that is, “what are you doing what (want to)” this one subject, can be based on a close social relations. Reasoning, comic material combination is one of the best expression way. And the way to let users have more play space. In the long run product is adjusting.

the pan da to make three points in application, one is the freedom, the user is not restricted, operating functions directly drag can get started. Combinations can be powerful and unconstrained style completely. And there’s an open, pan dalai’s biggest point is not limited comic style, theme material can be unlimited extension, outbreak, wind of of wind, both of the. In order to make the user personalized expression construct diversity. The style of product positioning is not belongs to certain people but to ordinary users .

all can decrease the cost of entertainment is good projects. Because the product has just launched, the team hopes to have more “picky” users to use pan da, they also have always believed the user is the best teacher.

by dalai group, pan pan da today or early maturity, know, there are few people, although the promotion and resources are limited, but they said don’t try so hard, the time can finish product, let pan da more mature. They wanted to borrow hunting cloud network to the team have helped friends express my deep appreciation, hangzhou senior cartoon personage – element GeMing help them form the early ideas, product launch soon, famous cartoon Guo Si, Obama offered their first formal authorization, which makes them feel great inspiration!

they emphasized: don’t want to do that kind of passing products, but hope can continue to bring that kind of not addiction will not be bored with of little joy . The graffiti art treasure of a category of similar products at present, everybody cartoonist, fire, flood, rabbit camera diffuse, etc. But this kind of product the biggest difficulty is not escape the fate of phenomenal products. Late efforts need to be strong for this operation, and products are constantly updating.

is surprised the pan da team or part-time business, they must depend on products capture user heart. Now they have to find the angel investment. After all full-time business, it can be tried to the product.

with the user selected works:

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