ParkTag at Shared services to parking lots, and share more easy to find a parking space

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seen donglin guo, starring Shao Feng sketch “parking”, everyone is unavoidable for the urban community increasingly outbreak of parking difficult try so hard, the maybe we haven’t this kind of thing happened in your body, but the reality is. The wise see business opportunities from from behind the problem. Berlin startup ParkTag is to solve the problem.

ParkTag software service providers is a parking space sharing community. Announced they have recently received a 500000 euros worth of seed round, HTG investors from Germany and one including the economy, science and technology department, the German Renaissance credit bank group and by BASF, deutsche telekom, Siemens, Robert Bosch, Daimler, Carl Zeiss half the risk of investment fund. In addition to the 500000 euros, HTG also promised following A round of funding for the company to provide 1.2 million euros.

ParkTag support iOS and Android platform. Application’s main function is to allow users to notice to install the application at the time of free parking Spaces and other users want to stop. User can not only give a parking space to colleagues, friends and neighbors need a parking space, can also help ParkTag the others in the community. Users in the transaction when parking Spaces will be a certain amount of credit, which can make them easier to find a free parking space on ParkTag application.

the software also includes an automatic parking tag. When a user leaving a parking space, the function and the use of the sensors in the smart phone users for automatic detection, and send the information to those who need a parking space in the community, free parking space by timer let other users know this position is available.

the application also includes some convenient function design. For example, when a user can’t find their own parking spot, the user can query through the software parking place. The software also can remind users to stop time is coming to an end. In the protection of privacy, ParkTag stressed to the software in addition to the user free parking space information to share with others, will not share the user’s route to the others in the community.

the company expects the technology can be applied to any shortage of parking space city or district. At the same time, the company’s chief executive, Silvan Rath say they plan to use new sources of money to develop other cities. “We are planning to help traffic management department and the city planning department to innovate the construction of smart city.”

ParkTag has been widely used in Berlin, but Rath told TechCrunch plan by the end of the year they will service to expand to other cities.

statement for financing, investment managers Marvin D android HTG company? Commented: “we are to speed up the investment, to speed up the complex real-time data system research and development, to solve the increasingly serious street parking problem. In the smart city environment there are many secondary application technology. We are also very much look forward to cooperation and experienced international experts.”