Parsing the hammer a goods is hard to find the reason: unreasonable design factory lost confidence

cloud network hunting note: hammer mobile phone has been officially released period of time, but still very few people can really see mobile entity, watching online hammer mobile phone all kinds of pictures, can someone ask, when can I see the entity’s hammer mobile phone? On July 5, Mr Luo gives the answer in the weibo, he claimed that the hammer capacity in foxconn foundry rate under the theme, so need to digest the current order a couple of months. But they soon found that the reasons are untenable, nissan 400000 iPhone 5 s foxconn has really fix old hammer mobile phone?

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design is pain

according to foxconn, hammer cell phone use is glass fiber reinforced resin and the skeleton of a integrated special stainless steel material, also known as glass fiber reinforced resin glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), characterized by the good corrosion resistance, dielectric properties, but also pretty obvious disadvantage: elastic modulus is small, low interlaminar shear strength.

so in the above openings into technical, reasonable arrangement of hole position is an experience and technology of combining the living, in other words, make hole is not Mr. Luo said it want to play can play. To know the king in order to solve the problem of punching of GFRP, apple production line all all for nc machine tools, use “unibody” technique, through the computer numerical control machine tools will be cutting the whole piece of aluminum alloy material, and millions of dollars from Germany import a batch of drilling equipment.

but in the design of hammer mobile phone, the problem doesn’t seem to be consider to be clear about, or didn’t think about at the production process. After all ideas, but action always on some, to hammer a row at the bottom of phone button punching of entity, a lot of difficulties, foxconn, after drilling, glass followed with crushed.

it can be said that the hammer mobile phone design of mould structure is quite complicated, and even a worker to participate in the section after including box, box, box, the volume button, lock key, for large-scale simple operations of foxconn, it is a big challenge. Once shaping do not to come out, then to maintenance workers, the whole process becomes more complicated.

even foxconn will inevitably received the hammer mobile knee, hammer mobile phone once assembled link rate is high, the qualified rate can reach 99%, but then the subsequent motherboard plan changes, let all the work is almost from scratch, the first day of the new production line, finished product’s hammer mobile phone 300 taichung only 7 qualified, even after a month, but also the yield of 20%.

lose confidence

obviously foxconn to hammer the future of mobile, hammer mobile phone production, millet has 4 production line work day and night, almost completely the foxconn langfang factory production capacity of more than half.

the hammer mobile phone has been out of the main production line, the migrated to e-town factory, provide service for the hammer mobile phone only eight of the CNC machine, exclusive of welding machine is only 3 units, with hundreds of thousands of machines, foxconn, such an arrangement with a drop in the bucket entirely appropriate.

is the cause of this arrangement, foxconn is obtained from the hammer on the mobile phone orders is not large, is not enough to arrange resource for hammer mobile spend more cost.

cross-border business is not easy

according to the hammer, hammer mobile phone is provided by industrial design scheme of Ammumition company hardware team according to the scheme of industrial design, the design of the internal components structure. And by Mr. Luo and former apple designer Robert Brunner together to scheme selection, curiously, always tend to streamline arc design in the design of flexible Robert Brunner this time is to hammer chose the appearance of the angular.

associated with the old as a perfectionist, highly controlled hammer mobile phone design and production are justified, at least until now, he has never admitted to design flaws, and insisted that the yield is not high. According to the hammer and the point of view of Mr. Luo, at least now they only have a capacity problems, it is also inevitable when cross-border business.

all in all, the hammer of the mobile phone has become the logo shape change, no longer the old cell phone will continue to hammer internal components. Seems can open English school, hit a good old refrigerator, eventually industry pit for an inter-bank too far. But for the user, when can I receive the full feelings Smartisan T1, this question is probably painted again big some.