Password management artifact Dashlane, lazy people

the password management applications Dashlane was born in 2011, before has not yet officially launched for A round of 5 million financing. After 3 years of iterative update, recently Dashlane also handed over a very bright eye report card – the number of users has more than 2 million, B round of funding to $22 million, start-up world record.

then, Dashlane exactly is who? Small make up take you it a peek inside.

【 Dashlane its application 】

Dashlane main information security services, to provide users with a one-stop password management, in addition to save the user password information of each site, can also record the information such as credit card Numbers, automatically fill in and provide services. Dashlane also provides comments on the suggestion, automatically generated password, the password strength function such as password synchronization between devices (password synchronizing network, the user can also choose to manually synchronize, avoiding their information, online).

Dashlane now can be used in PC, Mac, Android, iOS, several major system platform, there are also free service payments, charges $30 professional edition, can automatic synchronization information on each device, the features of 30 free trial.

【 Dashlane its safety 】

all the password stored in the same place is safer or more dangerous? This slightly point game problem estimates that everyone is many things.

however, than in which web sites with the same simple and easy to remember the same set of code, the combination of complex password + password manager might be more safe point – of course, also a print handwritten password management are recorded in the age of the Internet also has its security, but not easy to lost and synchronization paper document disadvantages still exist.

what’s more, to play safe brand Dashlane also set a master password, users in the boot/open Dashlane application must finish master password authentication. In addition, if you want to without over lock/decrypt the certification of the new equipment, Dashlane will be required to be certified by phone or E-mail to complete, this is another layer of security measures.

【 Dashlane the practicality 】

Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit, said today, there are still hundreds of thousands of users manual memory, enter the password, will own important information in the network risk, whereas Dashlane provides a simple, universal and security solutions, let the user authentication, payment information in time from unsafe network factors. Investors from BVP Alex also high appraise for Dashlane Ferrara, called it a online store sensitive information such as passwords, credit card, the best choice. (Ferrara after this round of financing also join Dashlane board.)

say Dashlane products has always been a grasp of the big background of the development of IT industry: one is the people rely for network – from the interactive communication to shopping shopping, for quite a few people, the Internet has become an indispensable part of; The second is the development of cloud services and user support of cloud services; Three is the awareness of network security and alarm – after all, now too many virus Trojan eyeing up the property to the users with important information.

so, under the environment of Dashlane is clearly relevant to the network information security management, put forward by the user community a large demand, also has laid the foundation for the rapid development of its own.

[financing situation]

2011 Dashlane raised $5 million in A round of funding, from the PC and Mac gradually expand to the mobile end, while B round now completed by the new investors Bessemer Venture Partners led, the original investors Rho Ventures, FirstMark Capital, as well as, the legendary founder Benard Dashlane Liautaud and cast – Liautaud Business Objects previously started in 2007 to $7 billion buyout by SAP, currently Liautaud Balderton partner. At this point, Dashlane raised $30 million.

Dashlane newly raised funds for the development of the company to provide more resources and opportunities, Dashlane reportedly plans to fund is mainly used to recruit, expand the product line, further authentication, password management field, mobile terminal, and enterprise applications and services will be Dashlane expand one point in the future. Although enterprises have Kaspersky, Password Vault, Liebsoft, Okta, such as strong competitors, but with the trend of personalization service, more and more users prefer to use at ordinary times the work platform, introduced applications and services, the individual to the expansion of the enterprise, or will become one of the ways Dashlane attract corporate clients.

Via: TechCrunch