Pay treasure and facilitation measures: support the tourism shopping rebate

(word/qing nan)

since this year, pay treasure in the offline payment scenarios measures more and more intensive. The recently launched the future buses, hospitals, future life square, alipay and put into the foreign market.

today, pay treasure with universal blue announced a strategic cooperation, joint promotion pay treasure overseas tax rebate service. From now on, the consumer shopping consumption in places such as Europe, can use pay treasure to export refund, refund fastest ten working days to pay treasure, and support the pay treasure to purse real-time view into account.

obviously alipay ambition is not confined to do leading domestic third-party payment tool. After paying treasure to Japan’s largest electric business platform lotte to overseas online shopping services, and online payment companies in the United States reached a cooperation Stripe. Now, pay treasure to overseas tax service is an additional “new business”, for consumers, relevant institutions and alipay has brought tangible benefits.

it is well known that China has become the world’s largest exporter of outbound tourism but Chinese tourists shopping overseas, often due to lag behind of payment settlement formalities trival, clearing, and did not enjoy due tax credit, thus being aggrieved. According to statistics, only in Chinese consumers to stay in Europe in 2013 was not receive a refund of 1 billion yuan. Currently, the main Chinese tourists shopping overseas settlement means of individual large Banks cash and credit CARDS, the former procedure is tedious, need to specify the drawback long queues waiting, and tend to be high currency exchange and extra cash to extract fees; The latter will have to wait for 1 to 3 months to get. In contrast, the new pay treasure overseas tax service is more simple and efficient.

easy to pay treasure, said consumer the required before departure and printed with “Alipay” option logo stamp tax rebates in the hands of the customs, and deliver to the airport to the specified address, you can wait for tax rebates to pay treasure to account. Fastest 10 working days, the refund will be automatically converted into RMB to zhang consumers pay treasure account, and have received information notice. The whole process about credit card refund three times faster than normal.

in fact, as early as last October, pay treasure to have pilot overseas tax refund service in Korea. Small gold take Peng Yijie revealed, vice President for international business, over the past half a year, more than 100000 people in Korea tourists use the service to handle shopping drawback, become one of the most popular application of cross-border service alipay.

the current comprehensive online service has already covered France, Germany, Italy, Britain and south Korean global blue union rebate merchants cooperation, not long after, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries of the merchants will also have to join. In accordance with the plan, pay treasure to purse the future development of mobile refund application, mobile, allows users to realize shopping drawback to optimize the user experience of shopping drawback.