Pay treasure FuWuChuang: open platform to the nearest money!

the new version of the alipay purse to “service” next to “pay treasure” occupies the position of the second column, at the bottom of the payment services, insurance, finance, retail department stores, beer and skittles services. Every in how businesses through the window to provide customers with personalized service, each user can choose according to their own needs “FuWuChuang”. This is supported by pay treasure to purse, open platform includes a large number of top service: pay treasure “FuWuChuang”.

From behind the scenes to the front desk

alipay has always been a platform. It is carrying hundreds of thousands of merchants cooperation signing, millions of taobao merchants. Mobile application alipay wallet last November users have been million, pay treasure to pay real-name users are more than 300 million. Behind this accumulated vast amounts of data, according to pay treasure to wireless Liu Lejun by the head of the department’s “hope that the accumulation of energy, quick release, service to our partners and our merchants”.

if the past is pay treasure to run mode, merchants will pay treasure as the payment service tools and credit guarantee trading platform, in addition to the transfer requirements, pay treasure hidden in behind the scenes, more users to purchase goods (Tmall/taobao/signing merchants, etc.) – use alipay. That pay treasure now toward the front, the user first came to pay treasure to purse – buying services.

this shift from the launch of the balance bags have been emerging. Users directly through paying treasure to investment balance, balance is also greatly enhanced the user to open the treasure to pay treasure to purse the frequency (every morning to see earnings become many people’s hobby), open the increasing frequency of alipay in ali’s mobile map to bear greater responsibility. After all, is the paradigm shift requirement of mobile Internet pay treasure to the fore.

mobile Internet paradigm shift

with the development of mobile Internet, more and more users will be able to connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere. Mobile phone with its cameras, a large number of sensors become an extension of the human body and perception. Application of mobile phone become users interact with the virtual world and real world window. “We define FuWuChuang is user and an interactive window of the world.”

the mobile Internet is changing the electricity business. Pay treasure of the wireless said “throughout the whole ali and pay treasure inside, we believe that the future mobile power is a final C2B model”. C2B model requires the ability to analyze large data supply goods and services, based on the user’s personality needs custom services. Personalized service and large data production, is the surface C2B model.

alipay FuWuChuang platforms: from the money recently, sell-through rate is high, high pay, more new users

compared to other open platform have different priorities (social data or other), pay treasure to open platform, the biggest characteristic is “the nearest money”.

pay treasure itself is set to pay, in a deal, and across the PC and the mobile trading platform, the user opens the alipay general seeking deals with a strong will, in other words, for money! So pay treasure in the trial of FuWuChuang presented high conversion rates, high pay, etc. Guangdong mobile FuWuChuang provide data show that users via alipay public number (FuWuChuang trial before he called “the public”) top-up amount to an average of 100 yuan, 50% higher than the other platforms.

in addition, in the business and pay treasure to a huge number of users and the precipitation data, through FuWuChuang can bring a lot of new passenger flow businesses. Pudding hotel representative ZhangWei revealed from pay treasure FuWuChuang users 95% are new customers, far more than other traditional platforms such as OTA.

merchants need most, is the most value from alipay include online platform service, broad can filter based on new technology of mobile users and future new experiences.

alipay FuWuChuang open platform of “sincerity”

it has been found to pay treasure to ask: “open platform, you have to pay?”

Mr Liu Lejun put this as a joke, “pay treasure is not open to pay, this is a bit too exaggerated. This is a must-have “. Alipay wallet open platform is sincerity, not only to open to pay, for partner has the experience and ability, pay treasure to provide full combination of perfect solution, including the ability to pay in advance, pre authorization ability, FenRun ability, and credit ability.

this credit ability, both sides can understand the user’s ability to pay, and in many scenarios can be more aggressive in sales. For example alipay once and operators to make zero dollars sell machine project. Users don’t have to spend a penny, can from a carrier store for mobile phone, only need to freeze balance corresponding amount of money in treasure, and during the freezing can also enjoy the balance of interest income.

in found that users, pay treasure to purse is in the subsoil. “Browse the discovery”, by the user in ali platform of all sorts of browsing recommend related functions; “Pay as found”, FuWuChuang is recommended to use a service to users; “Geographical fence” found that through the user of the geographical position, providing personalized service. Through the relevant technology, also can assist local merchants for real-time market information, etc. Pay treasure to still open membership, electronic coupon platform with partners to build management capabilities. The purpose of alipay FuWuChuang platform is “found that users – & gt; Understand user – & gt; Service users – & gt; Cash in “closed loop.

since may, pay treasure will invite some tenants FuWuChuang platform, platform developers conference. Interested in business and friends please pay attention to the new progress.