Pay treasure is the second bank, oh mama’s so flattering it?

Internet financial “BangSha” after a month, flattery ‘” blacklist.

on April 24, in the “finance 40 BBS sixth anniversary convention”, the bank President lee yan kit mentioned in antitrust problems pointed out that “at present each big bank and pay treasure to have interface, pay treasure to some extent, instead of the central bank.”

pay treasure is the second central bank? Super tertiary rubbed his eyes and be sure to have no wrong, and choke the choke thighs, sure not encountered the duke of zhou. I go to, this is too funny to laugh my first half an hour.

I from horizontal knife to laugh, laugh after go to pee. Societe generale bank than NiuWenXin too TM on the tall, ten ma all can offer.and this hat a buckle. Saying the bank’s shareholders have shi yuzhu large idle people, isn’t it? Shi yuzhu of old iron, isn’t it? I go to uncle knowledge too much confused that minsheng bank…

super uncle with the netease public class professor Robert shiller of Yale university study deep knowledge in financial markets (yes, super uncle for netease advertising public class, by the way, the super uncle when studying shearer still didn’t get the Nobel Prize in economics, and the big ye really with me it doesn’t matter you don’t have to thank me for your award), in addition to the ultra uncle opened a Montana domestic economists crash textbooks harvard Gregory mankiw “principles of economics, found that the central bank’s two basic functions.

first, regulation of Banks and ensure the normal operation of the banking system, the shortage of cash in the bank ACTS as lender of last resort; Second, control the economy’s money supply.

old beauty that may not be suitable for national conditions, super tertiary logged on the website of the people’s bank of China, found the central bank’s main function is to formulate and implement monetary policies, currency, shall exercise macro-regulations and control over 18.

come on let’s rough comparison pay treasure, pay treasure to regulated Banks? Ha ha. Pay treasure to control the money in the economy? Ha ha ha. Pay treasure to money? Ha ha ha ha.

once in charge of the fed’s longest greenspan big ye? “The balance of treasure is no second to the central bank. China’s central bank is the people’s bank of China, no body can replace, there will be no future, treasure is the second bank balance is very inaccurate expression.”

well, I think, the big ye is about politics, Chinese people’s political consultative conference and location is not that I help you ask.

if it is said that the China banking regulatory commission or even the big four Banks or unionpay is the second central bank I believed, I don’t believe a private institutions have the ability, too flattering it will make it the tube (well this is not the goal not necessarily)…

eat and drink pull scatter sleep prick silk, commonly used pay treasure, pay treasure is already became an independent kingdom?

super uncle give you a bang, don’t do you the spring and autumn period and the big dream, the central bank statistics show that in 2013, bank of cash, bank CARDS and electronic bank) payment of $1, 607.56 trillion, 2013, including money tenpay, quick, the scale of all third-party payment transactions for 17.9 trillion, 2012 figures for 12.9 trillion yuan, the latter is one over one thousand of the former. (to know the truth of my tears fall down, prick silk counter attack is only a dream)

alipay ZhunShengZheng is central bank group you know? When the central bank’s second small kind of?

in May 2011 to July 2013, the central bank has issued seven batches of licence, including alipay, tenpay tencent, quick, 250 payment institutions licences were issued (don’t ask me why is 250, I know I don’t tell you ~).

don’t say bank of unionpay, not to pay for micro letter pay small micro letter took pay treasure with a red envelope, 250 every home is a wonderful work, to be able to play in the third-party payment this perfect competition market have to have two brushes, if not fear hard innovation points minutes a day is abandoned, don’t talk to me about prick silk good have love users is the most ruthless good yao.

us why not so many third-party payment and Internet finance, Texas a&m university economics professor GanLi tell uncle, America’s Banks and credit system is more perfect, various Banks alone has 8000 in the United States, China’s formal financial borrowing so many imperfect will start the gleanings of supplement, our bank is too little and the service is not good, so the Internet finance and competition brought by the third party payment let whole market service level. Bank queuing how serious a few years ago, People’s Daily newspaper doesn’t work, because the relative population of 1.3 billion, tens of thousands of branch of icbc a average drop in the ocean.

mother don’t have to worry about because I have been waiting in the bank, in addition to square dance Boyle also friends to water and electricity gas in occupation of bank credit card had been solved on alipay. GanLi teacher said that the Internet financial to reduce transaction costs is a supplement to the traditional financial is very important, you cannot solve the queuing I solve, you abandon of small and medium-sized enterprise financing to meet, I would be you of arsenic is not my honey.

jack ma said that Banks do not change we can change, passionate there is quite a small sichuan governor demeanor. Say you really believe, ma also said ali can send prices down, what would you buy a cheap house? Hello?