Pay treasure to future plans to recruit, support phone brush bus subway

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today’s alipay wallet already is not only the online payment tool, more like everybody’s assistant, mobile life gradually to start with the more basic living facilities for grafting.

in today’s urban construction information technology products expo at the first, pay treasure to formally announced his wallet “bus” future plans. And joint of housing and urban-rural development IC card application service center, issued the first phase of the product of the plan – city smart card, it allows the user to take the phone into a passage of the 35 cities public transportation card in the country. Now has covered Shanghai, tianjin, shenyang, ningbo, taizhou and other places.

this is the background of the cooperation, in the era of mobile Internet users to use smart phones frequency increases significantly, which has become the important carrier of the future strategy, pay treasure to purse in provide convenience for the user at the same time, also growing alipay product usage scenarios. But, in the first time, pay treasure to be a partner with domestic hospitals also the hospital “plans” in the future.

in the working time city one cartoon, pay treasure with support NFC function of mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone into a card. The cooperation with ministry of IC card application center service, is to make this change, can join the ministry of national city one cartoon interconnectivity between urban traffic project. When use, the user USES support NFC mobile phones on alipay purse, into the heart of the application of “city smart card”, apply for a virtual prepaid phone card after, can use this feature. Not only that, but you can also query the use of recent record, convenient to contact customer service, etc.

based on NFC due to join the single chip (by grace wisdom pu semiconductor solutions), the supporting the function of intelligent mobile phone terminal or limited, available such as OPPON1, N1 mini, Find7 these three, other phone makers are actively support NFC function debugging.

according to pay treasure to aspects of the plan, will through the OPPO limited starting in July, August, open download, more access to brand in September. Is expected by the end of the year, the market mainstream mobile phones with NFC most will access. Then, join the interconnectivity of cities also will reach 60.

in addition, joined the connectivity in the city, some parts of the IC card can already be used for public bicycles, ferry, taxi and other business. “Bus” future plans in the near future, the implementation of the service with partners in the field of the get through, using a mobile phone take over all kinds of public transport across the country.

attached: currently, realize the connectivity of the 35 cities list

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