Pay treasure to make offline scenarios, future life square first settled in xixi paradise

(word/qing nan)

after the future hospital, announced plans for future bus, pay treasure to purse “square” in the future life began to appear, to perfect the strategic layout of “future”.

today, pay treasure to purse announced with international tourism commercial complex “xixi paradise” reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will make the domestic first “square” life in the future. The two sides will work together to explore offline Mosaic new experience in the era of mobile Internet business model, through the pay treasure to purse a series of services “FuWuChuang” promote offline business.

double in November last year, the system of ali had joint Yintai and other large stores and chain stores to carry out the O2O try, despite the widespread use of alipay sound waves, qr code to pay, but this time, the protagonist is Tmall to dominate. “In the future life of The Times square” the participation of the protagonist is pay treasure to purse.

through this cooperation, xixi paradise into pay treasure the wallet “FuWuChuang”, to provide users with free Internet access, based on the mobile phone of the hotel reservation, food reservation, map navigation and merchants to recommend a range of services. After users are paying attention to xixi paradise FuWuChuang will automatically receive electronic CARDS and coupons, members enjoy a discount on consumer rights and interests. In addition, the merchants can use wifi drainage, not only can use the member management system, pay treasure to purse FuWuChuang background data analysis tools can also use pay treasure. Can send the same message to all users, but can be by screening, specific to a particular group.

pay treasure to purse the integration of the universal free wi-fi, FuWuChuang, CARDS and stamps center and mobile payments, and other products and function module, to provide a complete set of solutions for offline commercial complex, such as virtual information and technology to enhance real life scene experience way named “square” life in the future. Xixi paradise is pay treasure to purse “square” life in the future plan of the first strategic partner.

is located in the xixi paradise of hangzhou xixi wetland park, is a collection of vacation, leisure and entertainment for the integration of complex functions, such as cluster in China wetland museum, shopping mall, high-end hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas and serviced apartments, such as a variety of formats. Under the development trend of mobile Internet, the business district also has to the demand of online, for alipay purse, is one more offline usage scenarios.

users with paying treasure to purse in xixi paradise wi-fi coverage, can be automatically connected to the Internet, at the same time awaken alipay, purse, and enter “FuWuChuang” xixi paradise.

the xixi paradise FuWuChuang area merchants are classified, according to the hotel, food, entertainment and other kinds of introduced respectively, supplemented by the function such as map navigation, also access “taobao travel” and “little” services, ensure that the user can booking hotel and food anytime and anywhere. In the future, xixi paradise FuWuChuang will also join the intelligent parking, KTV and ticket booking, indoor navigation and other new services. In addition, located in the hangzhou downtown larger “star city” project will join the “future square plan”.

however, pay treasure to relevant personage introduces, at present the interaction of the form is just a prototype, in the future, FuWuChuang will access gold indoor navigation map, on the user’s shopping process, provide the latest service information immediately. Combined with AR (augmented reality) technology, such as FuWuChuang hope through the boundaries of the virtual and reality, in order to pay treasure to the virtual reproduction inside the wallet, enhance users’ perception and understanding of reality.

pay treasure to purse into line, is the most important part of developing the more application scenarios, especially the application of stable, high frequency, close to life. Therefore, pay treasure to purse in convenience stores, take a taxi, bus, hospitals, commercial complexes in areas such as constantly to cooperate. Such, as more and more commercial complex, convenience stores, hospitals, access, pay treasure to purse the ecological will increasingly rich, finally penetrated into every aspect of people’s life.