“Perdition” MOTOROLA, on Tuesday to “stroke”

MOTOROLA is beyond redemption. For lenovo, except for some patent authorization, MOTOROLA’s main value is the one hundred – year – old brand. Originally regarded as MOTOROLA’s mobile phone industry, now a pathetic down altar. But trying to “only lower, no minimum price” stage a comeback, is fundamentally insane.

a few days ago, a number of science and technology media, MOTOROLA will officially released on Tuesday a “all people can afford” Android phones. Analysts pointed out that the low configuration phone (Moto E) price will be less than $100. Last weekend, a Brazilian operators exposes the phone photos (see below).

we see that the product in appearance with Moto X, etc. There is no much difference. Since Moto X, MOTOROLA introduced several handsets are almost.

but, in my opinion, MOTOROLA’s current low prices will never succeed. MOTOROLA claims to himself to the big picture into emerging markets, and to further compete with low-priced Android phones. These rivals including Firefox OS, Nokia Asha and Nokia X, as well as many potential rivals. However, these phones in the share of emerging market and how many? Nokia faces an uncertain future, Firefox OS self-described lightweight system, is still struggling. And these competitors have what meaning?

blindly pursue on price is low, will only cause devaluation in brand image. If MOTOROLA can’t control the last “minds”, it really fond of it let a person feel distressed.

the following is a media report the specific configuration of Moto E: dual core 1.2 GHz CPU. 4.3 -inch 720 p screen; Double card double stay; 1 g shipment deposit; 4 gb of memory; The Android 4.4 system. We see from the picture, this product should be carrying the Android native system, which means that the Moto E should not log in the mainland market.

by lenovo’s acquisition means the end of the original descent. Once MOTOROLA will never become a forgotten history.