Perfect PWIN game entrepreneurship competition: games champions won 10 million fund

after more than two months of selection, perfect world PWIN global gaming start-up project selection contest in Shanghai on August 1, after the official jury selection, duskwood, wuhan MIDI SOFT and zhuhai CH ranked the first three, a total of $18 million venture fund. Among them, the champion duskwood 10 million yuan.

venture project sponsored by the perfect world global game contest, is geared to the needs of all the world has a creative and dream game research and development team, for the purpose of selection and show its outstanding creative work and host a global event. Competition from the beginning of may this year, the winning team or individual will be able to obtain the highest venture funds of 10 million yuan.

contest from audition to the NBA finals last 2 months, nearly a harvest works, among them, the field of mobile game projects accounted for 90%, the proportion of foreign entries accounted for 15% of the total. Competition from hundred works selected eight mature works, and then select the top three.

perfect world the CBO Xu Yiran taking part in the contest, and clearly pointed out that the game producers and industry development trend is the competition of the selection of the important basis. Through the way of competition, to find and select outstanding team, with perfect quality resources of the world as a platform, help and promote the quality of the game development and operations, to create more different types of games, eventually experience more fun as a global player, hold the meaning of this contest is a perfect world. Entrepreneurial projects at the same time, PWIN global game contest is PWIN global investment and agency plans to send force, an important milestone.

as early as in July 2013, perfect world has formally announced PWIN global investment and acting project, PWIN global investment and acting plan, on the one hand is the product of Internet development, on the other hand, is a perfect world break the barrier of the channel, for the whole game industry, and even to the creative cultural industry efforts. So far, the agency in PWIN global investment and plan, under the power of perfect world has invested more than 20 companies, agents more wonderful game works.

under the condition of the premise of the accelerating globalization, perfect world investment and agent did bloom around the world. Number of overseas investments accounted for about 20% of the total investment team, which includes Runic Games and other international well-known creative team; Overseas agent amount to about 25% of the total number of game. In recent years, the perfect world agent “DOTA2” such wildly popular products, at the same time, with SquareEnix, SNK PLAYMORE and other international well-known companies exist in the field of copyright cooperation, perfect world series of action to make its investment and agent content continually get rich and perfect. Not only that, a perfect world also pay close attention to the broader entertainment industry, investment products such as smart devices, makes every effort to bring users better entertainment experience.

in the future, perfect world PWIN global investment and acting plan, is expected to grow into a global r&d team and high-quality works a strong win-win platform, through better integration and configuration of game resources and power for the stable development of the entire game market, a comprehensive platform for game industry era.