Perfect PWIN strategic upgrade: push campaign looking for good product

in the GMIC 2014 global mobile Internet conference held today (hereinafter referred to as the GMIC), perfect world announced the official launch of “global game creative campaign”, on a global scale to find the most innovative mobile games, entrepreneurial teams of one of the most potential and most innovative products to invest.

perfect this action could be considered PWIN (perfect world with global investment agency plan). In view of the company on the road to the internationalisation of profound experience and advantage, perfect in July last year launched a PWIN plan, designed to invest globally with the core to the terminals of mobile phone products and technologies.

so far, in less than one year’s time, a perfect world the CBO chief business development officer () Xu Yiran said the company has in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, and other areas for mobile Internet have done many investments. Start from July 24, 2013 PWIN plan, perfect world totally invested in 21 companies or studio, 16 product agent.

this year in a perfect world, I will leave the “global game ideas campaign” as a key to PWIN plan through the activities to discover the world’s most creative IP (intellectual property), and to find a better investment cooperation projects.