“Personal jetpack” project was very reluctantly give up Google X laboratory

although the outside there are rumors that Google is secretly developed “jetpack” are interested in the project, and the head of the laboratory of Google X astor los -, (Astro Teller) TechCrunch conference in New York also admitted his team had developed a personal jetpack, but he also said “this product doesn’t meet consumers” in the short term.

astor los -, pointed out that the aim of the Google team is that I wish to make a will not become a “death traps” (death trap) jetpack. However, in the finally realize that the product will produce and motorcycle considerable noise, consumption of 1 gallon (3.8 liters) fuel range was only 0.25 miles (400 meters), the team eventually reluctantly gave up the project.

it is understood that, within the Google X laboratory has long been known as the “moon boat captain” (captain of moonshots). And,, may be in one year’s time announced plans to give up 100 studies, because the laboratory set up one of the original intention is to make the future flat cancel as soon as possible. , points out that Google founders Larry Page (Larry Page) and sergi – Brin (Sergey Brin) shows his early “don’t want to waste resources in research and development on the meaningless things” position.

“if you can invent a will not become a” death traps “jetpack wouldn’t it be great. But the question now is, we can design the jetpack than low energy consumption, noise is generated by a motorcycle and this is what I cannot accept the results.” Butler said.

it is understood that Google X laboratory has been agriculture and battery technology is regarded as the richest areas of future development potential.

, said: “if we can make the current 10 times higher energy density, we is enough to make the world we have never thought of a fundamental change. This type of battery projects can make energy than cars to become a reality, at the same time, it can satisfy the demand of developing countries. And in addition to battery, Google X laboratory some agricultural projects are also committed to the research. Google X laboratory, of course, it is only in at the primary stage of the study, if failed to save lives, we will not be a success.”

for the current development situation of mobile phone,, also gave his opinion at the meeting.

“only has the appearance of the cooler, lighter weight, or a longer battery life and means that the mobile phone has welcomed the progress. If we start don’t need to carry your cell phone, I think it is only in the true sense of progress.” Said, finally.

source: tencent technology