Personalizar WordPress

I’ve been messing with this and the truth is that I liked it a lot.

To start with the installation I have not had any problems, which happened in previous versions and has certainly been the fastest I’ve ever seen.

Then I adapted the page to see statistics in both SlimStat and Google Analytics

I’ve been playing a bit the theme that I installed, translating it because it came in German and English :-p

I fixed a couple of bugs in the theme, the same thing was done for a previous version of wp.

I have also customized the page, especially the bar on the right, it is very simple thanks to the wp functions that you can use wherever and however you want.

Finally I added a plugin to be able to insert videos from youtube, google, ifilm … in the news, since by default in wp you could not.

Well in the end it seems that I’m going to give wordpress a chance, despite my leaving my own CMS for maintenance reasons, since it was getting harder and harder to have everything ready.

I hope it meets all my expectations.

About the content of the blog I will try to give a change of orientation towards the topics that I like the most, which are computer security and web programming. I said “I will try”: p

These days I am examining but between rest and rest I will try to change and improve some aspects of the blog so that it is to my liking, I will also collect some news from the old blog that are worthwhile.

Has not happened to you that some component of the computer starts to fail and you are left with a huge desire to stamp it against the wall?

Well, look what this boy does with the HP printer because the technical service did not tell him how to fix it and apparently it does not work :-p

There is every element in the world …

The Swedish bank Nordea has suffered the biggest Internet robbery in history, having managed to steal cyberladrones about 880,000 euros from their funds.

Around 250 customers of Sweden’s largest bank seems to have downloaded the “” Trojan over the past three months. This virus sneaked into computers when users registered online with the bank.

The software stole the information before displaying an error message asking the client to resend the data. The hackers, believed to be located in Russia, thus obtained the two access codes needed to transfer money from the accounts.

The Swedish police have a list of 121 suspects, and the investigation was aimed first at America, before arriving in Russia.

More than tricks are curiosities put by the programmers to record them.

The truth is that almost all projects have their Easter eggs included in operating systems, some ROM memories, or even the well-known Excel and Word.

about: If you type the word about in the browser bar followed by the colon, the browser will display information about the browser: partners, license of this product, used compilation settings.

about: buildconfig How your own name indicates will show information about the platform, configuration and other parameters.

about: cache It will show information and statistics of the cache used in disk, directory and list of cache entries that you can find on your hard disk.

about: config How much information, be careful if you are going to change something because your browser may not be the same after playing with these variables.

about: plugins What would Firefox do without the extensions? This information will show details about the plugins we have installed.

about: credits What would a work without its credits … to all of them thanks.

about: Mozilla Of course it’s the weirdest of all, it’s worth seeing