Personalized reading still have a chance, microscopic information to beat the stir this muddy water

a long time, my heart is with respect to the entrepreneurs, especially has a mind of entrepreneurs. In microscopic space and time to visit, the characteristic of a pile of cigarette ends with empty porcelain pot of special attract my attention. Before the interview, the micro team is still in the meeting, to discuss the recent World Cup theme promotion problems.

the micro team prepared to do a promotion, the prize is very rich, a tesla. Team boss WuWang should say, we don’t play virtual. Isn’t accord with we sent, our money, it is our earnest. The middle-aged men in their 40 s, during the visit, uninterrupted for root. Jokingly asked smoked, 27 years. At the gate of container with cigarette because teams have girls, someone want to smoke in the team to take on the door.

the old wu belong to business background, used to be a handheld reading Chinese online division general manager. At present Chinese online are also beginning to submit listed in shenzhen stock exchange, the old wu this out, gave up the generous equity. He said just to entrepreneurship, make personalized reading. Time and tide wait for no man, let him to endure, he will not. The second youth entrepreneurship is the life.

I have been also be outspoken person, so I did not polite to ask: is it a bit late, personalized reading didn’t catch the train. Today’s headlines after won $one hundred million in financing, the media to copyright problems began to revolt, made news reading and appear in the forefront. On the market can accommodate a few headlines today? Throw out the problem, it seems that the old wu ready, in fact, entrepreneurship, never too late to any time, if you struggle with time, it is late. But what is certain is that the demand of individuation reading, the user has not been completely filled. In general, the market still has, in fact important in product, product more than anything else, including gossip.

what is the different, the old wu told me that the microscopic information and the headline is the most different is that today is their recommendation mechanism, today’s headline is based on data mining engine recommended products, based on the user’s social interest to label and personalized data. Micro is based on the user’s own interest labels, on the basis of large data for personalized reading, and in the micro level, the user can subscribe to read labels manually, this advantage, won’t make personalized reading into a dead end. Why say so, generally the personalized reading products are through the analysis of the social information of users binding to do preliminary recommendations, such as a user with the skilled will see completely interested in the topic, but don’t forget that people are complex, more individuation is stunt, fool users. Personalized reading in the distance and the precision has to be a balance. No matter the turn in that direction would go into a dead end. So, to introduce the user can type in the personalized label yourself (variable) at any time can counteract this personalized, not deviate on recommendation mechanism.

don’t want to give you an example, then according to the old wu said, let’s say you are a user, you want to buy a house recently, do you happen to weibo focus on some of the large house, personalized reading application will according to your attention to recommend your house class information. After a few months, have you bought the room, thinking about decorating. You open the application information or house, it recommended if personalization, actually it should recommend you to decorate. So give users have the option of label is the personalized compromise of the real personalized may one day lose label, but for now, truly personalized or far away from reading the product on the market.

but in the field of reading, still can’t ignore a problem, right, is copyright. Flick knife to today’s headlines financing for traditional media headlines to food, you take my meat to sell, finally I don’t cheat smell, this how can do it. I am here for maintenance support of traditional media copyright. Reading should be a copyright into mechanism, as to the rules formulated negotiable but must also be sure to do in the face. Fast sowing domestic about the copyright problem of watershed, so the copyright issues need to be on the agenda as early as possible, to be harmless. Old wu also said that the micro in lay emphasis on this problem from the start, now also in positive sign with the media. Want the user to copyright in 10 million when it is divided into model was built.

postscript: the end of the interview, visit to the microscopic team office hall, technical partner and a friend also in work overtime, old wu said that their team had a spell, friend is also very cohesive. Because they are company, oh, not option, the staff is performance shares, can be taken away and hold for life. They don’t play virtual, hope to share the fruit. This team has momentum. Now they team is also in hiring, interested can contact old wu directly. This is his contact: weibo @ WuWang should

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