Peter Thiel see genius project: sleep monitoring tool sense

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London, 19 people Proud decided not to go to university, James moved to the United States. As one of the few tell students plan “one of the researchers, James Proud received from well-known venture capitalist Peter Thiel subsidies to $100000, in order to skip college and moved to San Francisco began to be engaged in the work of science and technology. Peter Thiel don’t expect anything in return, and James Proud don’t have to pay – until now.

now is 22, James, today released a Hello Inc, and its first product sense, that is, a by monitoring your sleep patterns and everything that happened during your sleep, in order to help you get better sleep illuminated polycarbonate sphere. Sense from the Kickstarter today for $99 reserve to use. If sense to us $100000 target, it will be sold at retail for $129 in the fourth quarter of 2014.

sense measuring temperature, light, movement, humidity, sound, and even the number of pollen and dust particles in the air. It also includes a small circular “sleep medicine”, embedded into your pillowcase. Like most sleep tracker, it by measuring your mobile number, in sleep time to track your sleep patterns, but does not require you to wear a wrist strap strapping a sensor or give your mattress. These two parts, can be in the sense of bluetooth application feedback report to your iOS or Android device.

when you browse the application in the morning, it may show schedule before evening. It may be possible to tell you that 3 o ‘clock in the morning, you toss and turn, because some of the light; And at 6 o ‘clock in the morning, your dog began to howl, this caused some of the more exciting. Sense includes a microphone, it can listen to you when you sleep room and wake you up so it can actually be a replay of the noise. Proud to hundreds of sample audio input to the sense of – many of which come from YouTube snoring samples – so the application may show “snore,” rather than “the sudden sound of 3 o ‘clock in the morning.”

this is a very useful function, but also a sense of adventure – Google acquisition device in a move that triggered the public about potential strongly suspected of infringement of privacy, and the sense of the microphone would almost certainly trigger similar reactions. Fortunately, sense only record sound peak, not all of the voice, the voice and stored on their own mobile phones, and is not stored in the cloud. In addition, the sense of the microphone only when I stop moving or go to bed would open. “This is not a continuous recording,” P roud said, “it is a listener louder activity 5 seconds rolling window, such as trucks or barking.”

as Hello company claims, sense of goals, and most of the fitness tracker and quantified self equipment, is to provide transparency – – or “intelligence” sleep. It also has some lovely functions, such as built-in leds. If you want to make room for you a good night’s sleep, once you turn off the lights, can send out a green sense. Yellow or orange glow means you should check the application, and see what went wrong. If the air is too smoke, you may want to change your filters in the central air conditioning unit. If the room is too bright, you may want to purchase some shading. Common sense to achieve good sleep quality will also have a long way to go, but sense can go further more.

“with it, you can know what happens every night,” he said. With the passage of time, the sense applications will provide advice, like “you sleep in the best temperature is 61 to 68 degrees, lower your thermostat?” Or ideas, like “in the past one month, you sleep on average had 38 minutes earlier than usual.”

if you are in a sense the log heard the sound of a repeat, you may find that you have a sleep disorder. “A lot of people have never been diagnosed with this stuff.” According to the New York times reported that about 18 million americans have moderate to severe sleep apnea, and 75% of people don’t know. Sense is not designed to what used to diagnose disease, but it can easily diagnosed you itself exists but you don’t know the symptoms, such as cough in the middle of the night.

sense may require you to change a lot about your room or living habits, but there is a problem with sense can solve completely. Like the Jawbone UP and other sleep tracker, once you have completed a REM cycle rather than a half of the cycle, sense will automatically call you get UP. After David Pierce the Jawbone UP teams tests, he was amazingly sense to touch every time he woke UP, even 30 minutes earlier than his alarm clock rang.

but Proud firmly believe that people will never hope in technology go to sleep. “Even if you can put all the technology of amgen a wearable device and embed it in a pillow, so what?” Proud asked. “Ideally should be you to go to bed, bed, without having to check button or charge or sync any information.” Sleeping pills, as its name, will need to be replaced every year. And used to replace the pill of the final price has not been decided.

even if sense according to the work procedure, to persuade consumers to invite a technology into their bedroom has many functions, also will be a huge challenge. Proud seems to understand this point. Sense the preview trailer is set to and Spike Jonze ‘s its ehrs same movie trailer music background. The film tells a man and a new kind of technology of intimacy. Assuming it works, sense or similar other technologies, it may become the standard of the bedroom in the future. , the sense of alarm clock function may be you really notice the only characteristic, but with only $99, it is very worth it.

“wearable technology make people realize that this is an extremely important area”, said the Proud, “never been concern people take in even a third bedroom life!