Petunia recruitment and crowdsourcing 2.0 do mobile terminal to recruit

no matter how many concepts of recruitment to join, the only constant or recruitment results. Fire up is currently looking for a product is more on service details, including to streamline the whole process of industry, transparent.

the best recruitment pattern is, its good at the same time, to make the appropriate maximum find himself or find more suitable job. Regardless of the push, headhunting, cover, and so on a variety of ways.

petunia recruitment and petunia network owned by a 2.0 “crowdsourcing” of the concept of mobile software. Advertisement media, games, IT main vertical industries, such as the Internet, to provide “insiders” recruitment services. Biggest characteristic: hiring crowdsourcing, reward for all personal reward to apply for a job.

Internet people always love concept gives a person look not to understand. All this tall words to her. All not necessarily can digest. But they should be able to stand up and say: what does this have to do again?

petunia recruitment is petunia network owned by a 2 c end product. Petunia recruitment is currently focusing on mobile terminal. For corporate customers, can post a reward talent task, the user through the crowdsourcing recommend enterprise talent. Personal side, also can reward job tasks, petunia contacts circle select help recommend, for individuals to get interview chance. At the same time, they say: someone recommend or job more reliable.

for headhunting, relationship with the enterprise, before pushing on commission. Now can search in petunia came into contact with more jobs, more opportunities associated with the enterprise.

everything looks, crowdsourcing 2.0 complete closed loop. Enterprise talent, reward for headhunting cattle people orders, cover push related personnel, to obtain a reward commission. But this really suitable for you?

some disputed, this mode in addition to search and hr, ordinary users are difficult to produce viscous to participate, ordinary users do not have enough time and presenter to match mass recruitment information, recruitment and hr now had enough channel for recruitment information, and the harvest is higher than the column. Looks this is a very beautiful, but the business logic of trap model.

but what is certain is that recruiting industry, still need to continue to do data mining, in this way, the matching accuracy and reduce the recruitment offline labor costs can be improved. One more point to be sure, the recruitment area will be released from the traditional information model to social interaction.

and crowdsourcing is 2.0 play technology, to play good, industry with high barriers. Petunia network more positioning themselves as a technology company. Petunia recruitment now also take free to businesses and individuals. Petunia hiring community atmosphere will strengthen the operation in the future. Future scenario is: in petunia recruitment, users can gaming to accept a variety of tasks, help a friend find a job; Platform can also “auction” yourself, get bonuses. Gathered in many companies, people, beauty, with people the power of the circle to solve the difficulty recruiting.

recruitment field at present in addition to large recruitment website, zhaopin, 51, the recruitment website of emerging now in three directions, one is to try to simplify the recruitment patterns, for hiring becomes transparent and efficient. The other one is the vertical direction, such as concentration of Internet recruitment retractor, push, which to work. In high-end third go, such as search properties of cooperated network, all search (universal search bias), in the high-end direction and efficiency in providing recruitment services at the same time. And the pattern of recruitment 2.0 two-way crowdsourcing, still have to wait for time to verify.

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