Philips latest technology let you use the power of thought control everything in the home

I sit in front of the laptop, a small cube floating over the screen. My instructor told me to want to “left”, like “Star Wars” scenario, I use my thoughts commanders squares move to the left. I take back my train of thought, square also returned to the center.

this is not a Jedi mind control. What I use is a developed by Accenture and Philips applications. With it, one day, the customer can use their ideas at home control all sorts of things, such as turn off the lights or raise volume controls on a television.

in Accenture office in Amsterdam, consultant Bob Koppes with 14 coated with liquid filled my whole head of sensors in order to help me to put my thoughts and software synchronization. That’s not a very comfortable experience, but its developers Emotiv, is developing a more easy to wear.

the sensor and the notebook from my head through a wireless connection. I was told that my laptop soon will be replaced by a plane with virtual menu, and virtual menu will show different connection devices and functions. So I imagine through “the left” “right” scroll to the menu, “or the TV sound” big “or” down “. Head as for the lamp, “open” and “off”.

with the improvement of network equipment, smartphone applications can easily control all kinds of electrical appliances at home. But Koppes explanation, his colleagues last year was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a disease of the central nervous system, can lead to loss of muscle control ability. Since then, the team began to take the lead in developing this project, because he wants to help his colleagues live more independent. So he persuaded the Philips one of the largest medical device manufacturers to help him develop a system for ideological control.

people pursuit can be thought control electronics for decades. After years of efforts, the researchers at duke university in 2001, has developed a can let the monkey’s brain signals to control the robot arm system. According to the report, last year, samsung and an associate professor of electrical engineering at the university of Dallas Roozbeh Jafari cooperation, USES the method of the ideological control tablet, such as choose singers and songs from the playlist. In addition, working with Philips and Accenture Emotiv offered $300 to sell can control robot toy and chasing focus headphones “nervous system”.

for Philips and Accenture, their research and development system of distance open to the public has a long way to go, because it is facing many challenges, such as get regulatory approval. They also face a big problem, that is whether the technique can be accepted by the patient’s insurance company.

at present, the company is looking for more partners, in order to enlarge the usage and universality of equipment, of course also for collection of potential users. They said that the technology has been deeply attracted by accident has been paralyzed patients and those inconvenience.

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