Phone number two key is quite good A hammer this is not fake

hunting cloud network May 22

I rectified up hammer mobile phone finally released in 520, and then, the mobile phone is so regular! Mainstream flagship machine configuration, 3000 price also can’t say outrageous, so people began to loom filed a hammer similar to apple’s design, three entity keys and much of the custom key.

but three entity key design similar to nokia, apple though, because there is no had really machine, can’t jump to comment. But more that two custom key, hunting you said this is very useful, was not a bit brain-dead.

the first is old, that the experience from minority groups take care of this design is very considerate. But the minorities isn’t necessarily a minority, because each the size of a man’s hand is different, everyone is not the same way with phone, even if is also a right hand phone, everyone used to key position difference is very big also. So this design, bring the improvement of the user experience is very obvious.

the second on the shortcut functions, for quick function, mobile phone keys, the more the better. This can be seen on the PC keyboard, more shortcuts will produce in the mobile operating incomparable pleasure. After forming the user habit, the user habit can be difficult to go to other products.

this design makes the extra two buttons is not abrupt, easy to accept.

since shortcuts so good, for the past mobile phone manufacturer is so silly lack MAO don’t know to add shortcuts on your mobile phone?

the reason is simple: this shortcut is bad gal!

the first is process quality problem, the side key of the production, design, technology demand is higher, careless slightly easier to failure, not to mention guarantee feel. LG even began to transfer all the buttons on the back of the phone.

followed by the beautiful aspect, more add a shortcut key is easy to form a beautiful problem, cell phone become awkward appearance, but it is better to solve. But add a shortcut key, can produce a kind of experience, and adopted by the hammer mobile symmetrical double shortcuts design can not only bring two quick experience. Under the corresponding different scenarios, can even reach ten kinds of quick effect.

for example, under the black screen, brightness control key into a key switch songs; Under the lock screen interface and quick application; In the application; Key combination…

in order to increase the two key appear beautiful, hammer mobile phones and even from the early stages of design is to prepare for the two key, is old touted as “symmetrical aesthetics” “the world’s most symmetrical cell phone”. But for mobile phone the industrial design, the symmetry is actually the most ugly. Symmetric let a product appear not focus, let a person remember. In industrial design, the real meaning of symmetry is unable to detect the defects in design, this weakness is to have two shortcuts.

and we are from the perspective of the overall design of hammer mobile phones, is to add a lot to the transform is the focus of the asymmetry, so that the phone looks nice, and feel the process of aesthetic feeling.

but normally this kind of micro innovation happen international companies abroad, that call detail user experience, occurred in domestic manufacturers, is called “shanzhai huaqiang north type innovation”.

he is fake type innovation!