Phone operators why reluctant to add “suicide” button? Greed!

last week, an article about several big operators abroad joint mobile phone maker, decided in 2015 to all mobile phone pre-installed button “suicide” (Kill Switch), such as the function of mobile phone theft, caused the people cheered. However, this both in technology and cost are the basic function of without too much difficulty, but by next year to become the “standard”, this let a person feel. One should have the function, but because operators of greed, and was put on hold for a long time.

according to the latest figures from the FCC, the United States in 2012 only to the user for mobile phone theft losses more than $30 billion. In recent years, including apple launched mobile phone manufacturers such as “suicide” button. This feature is designed to help users in after the mobile phone is lost, the remote to clear all the content on the mobile phone, cell phone and lock, even after being flash also cannot use.

however, Wired wrote recently, operators in order to their own private, once one thousand to stop the mobile phone manufacturers to add this feature.

the user mobile phone theft in addition to the black market development has given rise to second-hand mobile phones and also to a certain extent, contributed to the operators, mobile subscription business growth. The stolen mobile phones sold at a lower price, buyers will choose to subscribe to a new package after purchase business. Compared to mobile phone makers, “black phone” fair to a certain extent, the interests of the erosion mobile phone manufacturer, but has good mobile phone operators. In addition, there is no mobile phone protection measures, such as “suicide” button will let operators to sell out more “mobile phone insurance”. Foreign operators to provide mobile phone insurance, besides can prolong the warranty period of the phone, also can be in mobile phone under the condition of accidental damage or loss, to the user to compensate.

for the above two reasons, consciously or unconsciously in the operator has long been a block button “suicide”, the introduction of the mobile phone anti-theft function. Media was exposed last year, according to companies such as samsung hopes to mobile phones with button “suicide” function, but the operator giant ask samsung to remove this feature.

not only that, the American association of wireless communication and Internet also play the operators “accomplice”. To defend operator, they said, is not to add button “suicide”, because it might give hackers an advantage. Suicide button can also be people with ulterior motives use, to remote control user’s mobile phone.

although apple, samsung, Google, HTC, huawei, MOTOROLA, Sprint, Verizon, t-mobile institutions such as the final decision, in 2015, for every phone button with suicide and other anti-theft function, but that was not enough to ensure the safety of Mobile phones. In view of the nature of merchants who pay, mobile intelligent device, the safety of users up to hundreds of dollars of personal computing products, or want to be in in the hands of the users themselves.