Pig butler, the Internet changes the traditional agriculture

to contact to the housekeeper Chen Xuepeng, he let me instantly made a sharp, a word “I in pig farms, such as contact” . Choking me half a day, a word used to do the project report on the tall, the sentence immediately feel very grounding gas.

he do ammonia collection in pig farms, high ammonia against pig growth. This character signature is: the Internet startups products a dog, a second time entrepreneurship, pig industry experts, IT spray Chen Xuepeng Internet personage, the current focus on the service animal husbandry SaaS application and software and hardware solutions of Internet products supplier. in simple words, “to raise pigs in the form of the Internet” .

the concept of the grounding gas and gas. Today I throw media label, talk about pig in this matter.

China’s pig industry is decentralized . Take a ministry of agriculture data, in 2013 the national output volume of 710 million pigs, not kidding, this is the data, make up half the world’s production. In 2013, the micro scale of more than 255000 farms, such production accounts for 40.8%. A statistical data in 2012, more than ten thousand of the nation’s only more than 3000 large farms, accounted for 10% of output. This part data added in 2013.

the current trend is more and more large-scale pig enterprise, and the increasingly large scale. in the many medium and small scale farms, software management and intelligent hardware is not universal. Basically a full-screen experience and feel the pig , of pig growth environment, do not take the temperature conditions, lead to producing rate is not high, capacity doesn’t come, piggery rate is very high, can’t fully utilization of resources.

there is one point, the aquaculture industry market is very important, benchmarking prices affected by the market direction and policy monitoring large , for these farming enterprises, can do is to increase productivity, reduce costs, reduce mortality, but to do so, it is not only more scientific management, segmentation process, need a tool to assist more. But surprisingly: Chen Xuepeng they visit found that those who had ten thousand level of large-scale farms, even in the form of paper and pencil do record management .

in this industry, large-scale farms of the nature of is automation solutions, but mega SaaS is generally customized products. For small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) they cannot afford to . Chen Xuepeng to do, is to reduce the threshold. Finally, focus on value-added services.

about inspiration, Chen Xuepeng admitted that under the influence of foreign FarmerON. On this idea, combined with the actual demand of domestic farm, they develop a pig housekeeper this product. At present in the surrounding farms for testing.

unified introduce their products pig butler,

pig butler is a combination of hard and soft way, by the stewards pig wisdom in piggery farm platform and wireless acquisition equipment both their ecosystem environment . Provide set, tablet PC, mobile phone end management software and data analysis for the integration of digital management system for raising pigs. introduction is a word “cloud using the Internet instead of a human brain pig”

pig housekeeper services mainly for three.

a: cloud management , users need a computer can be connected to the Internet, can real-time on farm production and management, including feed, drugs and consumables enters sells saves the management, financial management, industry product list, etc. Hardware products wireless piggery environmental sampling device can monitor temperature, humidity, light, of piggery in different regions of the CO2 content, ammonia content, such as geographic coordinate data. Through the GPRS wireless network real-time transmission to the cloud database. And the pig pig housekeeper wisdom platform APP can view real-time data and historical curve. Piggery and according to the geographical location and climate characteristics do intelligent early warning and push.

2: mobile terminal , stewards pig industry to provide mobile information, pig, etc, providing mobile terminal landing site operation management inquiries, convenient maintenance at any time.

3: one-stop electricity , because most commercial enterprises in the suburbs, found that when they visit to buy medicine to become a big difficult, not in time is the biggest pain points. Some advanced ideas of aquaculture farmers on taobao purchase veterinary drugs, but security and continuity test . So after the cloud management and cloud services through pig housekeeper animal husbandry B2C trading platform can smoothly. manufacturers and producers to build electric business communication platform, veterinary medicine feed direct marketing platform, to help an expanding network of sales channels, reduce the intermediate costs, further make the industry transparency .

now, animal husbandry management enterprise has always been in the industry, but in the view of Chen Xuepeng, is not in the long run, they consider eager, mostly only do one-time business, providing software, software sales . Such as the traditional animal husbandry industry of HTC software released “super pig housekeeping, and large silver solution of ERP, etc.

in the mobile terminal, the pea is a company doing well, only their pigs services , by applying can view the information at any time, grasp the quotation, access to information, contact businesses. In conversation Chen Xuepeng has made no secret of the little recognition of the enterprise, their pigs housekeeper will be on the mobile end this model, only than they added a function: mobile cloud management. But it is this feature that will let their pigs, the concept of whole industry chain of cloud services electric business walk into a closed loop, product officially open beta in October, now they are still in the development of emergency while still in cooperative farms do product testing.

say finally a summary, agriculture and traditional industry combined with the Internet is one of the most lagging transition area. Animal husbandry occupies a considerable proportion of the whole industry . When most entrepreneurs are optimistic about the city’s opportunity, smart home, APP, hardware products, software products, all kinds of SaaS management platform, etc. When flying. The animal husbandry industry, due to the high threshold, strongly professional, rarely caught the attention of entrepreneurs. But this is an opportunity, , the transformation of traditional agriculture products use the Internet to improve efficiency, improve productivity, must achieve in the future. Hope to see more after this way to change traditional agriculture start-up companies .

pig housekeeper

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