Pin ads is launched Pinterest and income generation time

Pinterest photo sharing application on Monday launched a “promoting a pushpin (Promoted Pins) advertising, the move also means that the valuation has amounted to $3.8 billion in Pinterest to consider by getting revenue make Pinterest a sustainable business.

Pinterest in Monday’s official said in a blog, advertisers can now pay, let own appeared in more marked the location of the Pin. In October last year raised $225 million in funding, Pinterest began with some marketing cooperation, in the so-called “promotion pushpin” posted on the website advertisement. Often users copy photos on the Internet and published to your Pinterest page. Pinterest advertising and publishing similar to other photos on the site, but in the bottom border marked “promotion of pin”.

Pinterest founded in a long time after launch of the advertising business. Founded in 2010, the company has been paying close attention to by the industry, the reason is that although the number of users in a growing, and constantly attract outside investment, but established Pinterest hasn’t been get revenue, it is difficult to confirm the high valuation of the company. This hill, chief executive of Pinterest berman (Ben Silbermann) has previously said that the company hopes to caution in the AD business, to avoid upsetting the user.

Pinterest advertising director Joanne Bradford (Joanne Bradford) said in the official blog, “brand to help users find inspiration and found them to focus on things, whether the user think about dinner, where to travel or buy what gift. We hope we can let advertisers advertising business promotion pins in a variety of opportunities to come into contact with more users.”

as an original “pin type” social service product images, Pinterest since 2010 has been the user’s high praise. But new Pinterest advertising will abandon the traditional online advertising “here!” , “buy it now!” This kind of strong marketing mode, but for online advertising become the user really love art. After testing Pinterest “promoting a pushpin advertisers include American furniture retail site Wayfair, four seasons hotel chain hotel, and unilever’s brand TRESemme and Hellmann. Pinterest’s official blog also said on Monday, including target, Gap, kraft, general mills, and other brand will test “promoting thumbtack” advertising.

Bradford earlier in an interview said that she has been actively hiring sales personnel, work with brand advertising. Since she join Pinterest in December last year, the company’s sales team scale for two times. At present, Pinterest and 20 until hiring sales jobs. Bradford, said Pinterest for brand advertising, set up special studio help advertisers on Pinterest website on the best advertising. She said, “the company’s web site can’t implant banner ads, no crazy experience, Pin is part of the brand.”

Internet traffic monitoring, according to statistics institutions eMarketer Pinterest in the United States currently has 40 million users, the vast majority are women. These users will be released any interest on Pinterest. Investors to Pinterest loved, because they think Pinterest advertising services can get advertisers. Pinterest has previously with risk investment company Fidelity Investments, Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital and lotte hands to raise at least $565 million.

source: tencent technology