Pinterest to launch a new advertising service aiming at Google, Facebook

picture social networking Pinterest is launching a new marketing tool. This will help to Pinterest with Google and Facebook for advertisers of network advertising budget.

Pinterest operations director doug foer, (Don Faul), according to a new advertising system will allow marketers to Pinterest website “recommended” pins for bidding. At present, Pinterest has sold to large brand advertisers to one thousand cost of display advertising. At the same time, the new self-service system geared to the needs of small businesses, and only when the AD is clicked, the advertiser pays.

includes the Vineyard Vines and offering, few brands have tested the PPC advertising services. , said the AD will be open to a wider range of advertisers in this month.

Pinterest with large Internet company is trying to compete for advertisers budgets, and was responsible for the Pinterest this aspect of the work. In 2008, foer helped Facebook launched a self-service advertising services. Previously, he worked in Google advertising sales management network.

he said that because the Pinterest users often use this service to planning a vacation, decoration and other activities related to shopping, so advertising is more effective than other web sites on Pinterest. He said: “when using Pinterest, people think or dream of the future. They are in expressing an intention.” And this intention can then be converted to shopping behavior.

Pinterest will allow marketers to bid for ads next to search results, or will display ads on the site of some kind of content, such as home and men’s fashion content.

The establishment of the

Pinterest for four years. Starting this year, Pinterest will try to get revenue, it will be a Pinterest to develop into the first step on the competitive company. In the last round of funding, Pinterest $5 billion valuation, therefore has become the world’s most valued by one of venture-backed startups.

source: sina science and technology