Pistol to the German gun of the king of intelligence, but problems also appeared

the German gun design master Ernst Mao He (Ernst Mauch) have designed some of the most lethal weapons in the world, including the American troops killed osama bin laden used HK416 assault rifles, so he was called a “rock star” in the industry.

now, there has been a new world for his weapons: a traitor. They are angry because of Mao He for startups near Munich, Germany Armatix has devised a smart pistol. This idea was attacked by American gun rights advocates, although it helps reduce Mao He an unforgettable the guilt of the whole career.

he knows often there will be the children were killed, he designed the guns criminals also use these guns to do evil. “This is really sad,” said the 58-year-old gun designer, “this is the life, they have never thought he would be killed by a gun, he had a happy family, but was killed. Too crazy.”

therefore, Mao He proposed solution: iP1 smart gun system. Through personalized Settings, this gun is only in the hands of legitimate gunmen, and special watch certain distance wireless connection close range, to open the insurance and shooting.

but the gun didn’t like his imagination in billions of dollars worth of market caused a sensation in the United States, the second amendment (i.e., safeguard the rights of individuals to possess firearms) supporters even launched protests, sales force in Maryland and California this smart gun store will product off the shelves. Once, and respected by armed group is now full of doubt to him.

“I like ernst, his contribution to the field of weapon,” in Germany weapons manufacturer Heckler & amp; Koch, working with Mao He weapon industry consultant Jim schaetz (Jim Schatz) said, “but he did not understand the guns will destroy the constitutional rights, Germany doesn’t have the second amendment.”

Mao He know weapons industry a lot of people are against him, but he compared himself to Steve jobs, the industry know what you should do, and stick to the “dumb weapons” to the digital age, he often said that a word is “never compromise”.

“this is the beginning of a new generation of weapons, a lot of people think I’m crazy,” Mao He said, “who can produce a pistol, but it is safer if possible, that we must do this, absolutely.”

weapons into field

Mao He suburbs of Hesse in Germany a named Dunningen (Dunningen) in small villages grew up, when I was a child live on beekeeping and wheat, also served as tinker. More than ten years old, Mao He involved in watch production, he likes this kind of sophisticated equipment, the movement of the widget can bring the correct time. Now Mao He Hesse still live in Germany.

university period, Mao He studied mechanical engineering, and twice in the Heckler & amp; Koch company internship. He soon mastered the precision requirements of the job, anti-tank weapons vision system in design work for the superior sit up and take notice. But when the time, he did not want to involved in the weapon industry. “When I don’t have this idea,” Mao He said, “I’m just learning.”

Heckler & amp; Koch companies invited him after graduation in 1978 came to company work. Then, his position in the company rapid ascension, weapon system and solve complex problems in design innovation has won the reputation, and often deep assembly line check the problems and solutions are put forward.

Mao He r&d submachine guns and grenade gun weapon by many countries in the world, including the army, including the United States Marine corps six players in Pakistan in 2011 in a campaign, with his developed HK416 assault rifle shot and killed bin laden. “I’m glad the soldiers were not injured,” Mao He said, “but I didn’t think too much, don’t have much feeling.”

however, Mao He is not a gun designer without conscience. Early career, when he developed a sniper rifle was awakened in the middle of the night. He thought, “what are you doing? To develop this product really right?” He knows the life of their own will and killing closely linked, and this is at odds with his faith in god.

but later, he found himself a reason: this rifle will one day be used to snipe some robbers kidnapped children. “The weapon must fulfill their mission.” Mao He said. For his entire career with the idea to exculpate himself, he believed in god on their side.

in 2005, with the Mao He Heckler & amp; Koch companies behind the investors after a dispute, left the company. This is a painful moment in his life. Mao He said he received an offer to move to many competitors, but he wants to develop an intelligent pistol. His wife also encouraged him to say: “now you want to complete this task, you are not in Heckler & amp; Koch companies, you need to make guns more secure.”

in 2006, joined the Armatix Mao He company, with their own money into 22 mm pistol iP1 intelligence development process. He drew the electronic engineer, guns, workers, and some industry friends. Mao He said: “I want to make sure smart gun become the next generation weapon.”

smart pistol controversial

the national rifle association and other groups of guns is strongly opposed to intelligent pistol, a law, in part due to New Jersey when intelligent pistol started sales in the United States, after three years to sell within the territory of the state of all weapons should be smart pistol. Mao He said that he does not support the law, it shall be decided by the market.

he said: “I want to ask them to give us a chance to tell them the potential of this modern guns. I don’t know why they worry about it.” MAO Hepburn is not opposed to gun, when the United States has more than 300 million guns, Mao He say with smile: “I like it.”

some parts of intelligent pistol is Mao He never used in the past: battery, electric wire, capacitor and microchips. Gun rights advocates said they skeptical about the reliability of the smart gun, because smartphones also often need to restart. Mao He says they should see who it is to make guns, is the person who made the HK416, is the person who the life energy used in the manufacture of guns.

but the army research laboratory, colleagues to support his approach. “He put forward a reliable design, can bring greater security,” the lab engineer Sam wan Isaac (Sam Wansack) said, “in addition to destroy a gun, I can’t find any method that can be used to defeat it.”

gun safety groups argue that Mao He prominent reputation in the industry can convince doubters. Committed to promoting the gun safety group, the Metro Industrial Areas foundation recently with Mao He met in Germany, want to take him to the United States to lobby the police use smart pistol. They think that if the technology is good enough to the police, so for the average user must is very good also.

Armatix is geared to the needs of law enforcement develop the intelligence of a 9 mm pistol, the company hopes to increase besides watch other control terminals, including feedback of voice. The foundation of the Rabbi, joey, moss Bach (says Rabbi Joel Mosbacher) said that law enforcement officials have been quietly said that if he could come, like to meet him.

Mao He hope police officials met with the United States in September this year. He said, no matter what happens, he will not give up the study of this technology, even though he knew the consequences sometimes reminds him of exit. “What do you want for yourself responsible could save all life.” His wife said.

“it encouraged me to move on,” said Mao He, “in a nutshell, you must take responsibility for their own actions. You will face such a question: what did you do to help others? I can’t stand idly by. There are always some tragedy can be avoided.”

source: tencent technology