Please cherish side of fatty, Sworkit makes them into a “potential shares”

can’t go to the gym but still want to exercise fitness enthusiasts can use the application in the spare time, get a short-term, concentrated training. The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention recommend that adults at least once a week for 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. But recent studies suggest that a short period of time training is good for your health.

Sworkit is a new fitness applications for the iPhone and Android devices, it provides users with 5 minutes of exercise guide, where I can be.

Nexercise based in Washington, d.c., company CEO Benjaming Young developed the app, he said: “we are aware that many people don’t have big time, so we developed the app, promote people use of spare time to exercise every day, and don’t need to go to the gym or use fitness equipment.”

this freeware application according to the user’s focus to provide custom user training, strength training, aerobic exercise, or stretching exercise duration and the exercise of one part of the body. Only one movement cycle video for 30 seconds, the user can use the app custom exercise plan.

it is reported, “Johnson &johnson’s official 7 minutes exercise” application also provides users with short-term fitness plan.

Chris Jordan, director of the institute of human sports physiology Johnson said: “we are living in a fast-paced, advocating the speed of the society, everyone is looking for a faster solution for all aspects of life.”

the application using video guide users high strength training, the training mode according to the fitness level and the strength of the need to customize.

Jordan explains: “many people believe that they have to have luxurious luxury gym fitness equipment, but controversial squat movement more health benefits than leg press machine, can change your life.”

users can customize on the application of 1000 different movement scheme, 30 countries can be used.

Greg, assistant professor of kinesiology at the university of Toronto said Well, a small physical activity will bring positive significance. However, he said: “if it is one hour 40 minutes interval training, or jogging, yoga class, or power class better? I’m not absolutely sure.”

Wells Toronto, points out that the short-term training includes 20 minutes the gym “Medx precision fitness”, the user in the lunch break there don’t change clothes can exercise.

he said: “this app movement, this is what we are now trying to finish.”