Priceline model foreign guy, why China imitator but bleak?

cloud network hunting note: as Priceline today’s investment in the form of $500 million of convertible debt ctrip after the news broke, and many people began to consider the business model of the former. Indeed, Priceline to “reverse pricing” business model and in the form of patent protection for many years of rapid growth, market value of more than $60 billion, ranks the first big online travel service providers. But good at imitating Chinese Internet companies as early as a few years before “imitate” the pattern, but so far, also have no a few really stand out. Why is this?

tonight Deng Tianzhuo, founder of the hotel price “in an interview with the startup state in 2011 and hit the nail on the head to point out that Priceline pattern is complicated, but in China is not good. Core is that China’s users and hotel or is determined by the characteristics of the airlines. The following for full text:

I in the United States in 2005 and for communicating, founder recently also seek for a CEO to chat. Priceline to solve in the hotel inventory also can protect the brand, but that’s just the way they cut into the market, they owned by is the focus of the sales contribute more. The two sites no linkage, and it is two extreme modes, a process the minimalist, a more thinking more complex, anyhow hit the former, the latter, belong to “the wool in the dog”. User base is different also, Priceline is a “geek”, there are a lot of people online summary of playing the pattern of strategy; is like ctrip, is a traditional way to order and then give you booking, did a great user experience.

want to try to Priceline in China, there is absolutely no imagination of so good. From the aspects of the hotel, the first is the price problem. Priceline hotel back-end must have different price gradient and deal with the price system, how many days in advance reservation, cross over the weekend, and so on situation has its own unique price, and China is very extensive, some hotels for three price, room for graffiti. U.S. retail system is very standardized, but not in China, you don’t believe in star, only believe the brand, but for the biggest advantage is to hide the brand, can’t let users under the premise of don’t know what brand is order; American hotel background can do this system on the system, the order quick response, China is the system of people. In a word, China’s consumption environment development was not in that period.

ticket is another situation, the ticket is a seller’s market in China, there are surplus inventory less routes, and the price is the farther behind the price is higher, and airlines are not competitive, without elaborating management power, also does not have to try for motivation. I think it is best, car rental business, if rent a car can be popular in China; Tickets also quite good, the key is the back-end enough efficiency, and can determine the trading in time, quickly and accurately find the user at the same time.

actually reverse pricing is a tail cargo business, namely the inventory. But you have to go to the hotel, ticket, such as “time tail”, can’t do “item type tail goods”, such as 3 c, only an expert can discern the upgrading of products, selling the tail goods doesn’t make sense.

but I know, what do you want to be in China Priceline pattern of the more than 20 companies estimate inside a lot of people don’t have in-depth study for pattern, may all courage comes from ignorance, of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually many of the best platforms are very simple, have you seen Google need tips? So I think, or do some simple business model.