Problemas con el Emule, Ares, Pando, Bittorrent …

We are starting to create a community on p2p in this forum, because we believe it is easier to group all the information about these programs and, above all, easier to help people solve their problems.

Perhaps one of the things that we find difficult to make work well in our computers are without a doubt the p2p clients, either because to work they require some correct configurations or because our ISP do not interest us to use them.

Surely the most known and used is currently the emule, so I will give some guidelines to make it work properly, improve its performance and get a faster download.

To begin, say that each computer is different from others then there will never be a pattern of “perfect” configuration.

The first factor that proportionally influences the download, is our bandwidth, nowadays we start to have acceptable speeds although we are still far behind those offered in other countries. If our computer is part of a network or if we have several programs that are using bandwidth this will slow down producing a slower download.

One thing to keep in mind is that we will never be able to take advantage of 100% of our connection, for each frame that we send over the Internet it is necessary to indicate the beginning and the end, which means two bits of each shipment that we will not be able to use. add the packet loss, the saturation of the network …

Programs such as antivirus or firewalls will delay the sending and receiving of packages, which will produce a slower download.

Those of us who use the router at home see the need to configure the ports beforehand, otherwise we expose ourselves to a low ID (lower download) or even to not download anything (we will see this because the icon appears blindfolded). Remember that as of service pack 2, Windows XP has an installed firewall by default.

For those who use service pack2 in XP, warn them that for security reasons Microsoft does not allow more than a certain number of outgoing TCP / IP connections, which will inevitably cause the emule to malfunction. For this you can use this patch that will allow us to customize how many connections we want.

Some routers have a firewall, in these cases it could be a good option to include our computer in a DMZ to avoid the transfer of packages through the firewall avoiding delays and in some other case saturate the router causing its forced restart. Be careful, our computer will not be protected in this case.

To avoid that our client p2p absorb all the connection and cause the malfunction of other programs some clients bring a programmer that increases the limit of download and upload when less use of the network we do (for example at night while the computer is not used ).

On the other hand, more and more the ISPs try to block the protocols used by eMule and CIA since they are not interested in the supersaturation of their networks. For this purpose, protocol obfuscators have been developed, the eMule incorporates it from version 0.47c avoiding the detection and interception of your downloads).

Some people have problems when trying to download large files (more than 4 GB) as I understand versions prior to 0.47a could not handle files of such size and of course if your partition is FAT32 you could not handle it either. The solution to format NTFS ” CONVERT C: / FS: NTFS “. Today, most data partitions support files of these sizes.

Some people have problems when trying to download large files (more than 4 GB) as I understand versions prior to 0.47a could not handle files of such size and of course if your partition is FAT32 you could not handle it either. The solution to format NTFS ” CONVERT C: / FS: NTFS “. Today, most data partitions support files of these sizes.
Remember that other factors that allow a high download are: the time we have connected (do not expect to download quickly anything else to connect), the number of sources of a download and its popularity (if the file is not shared, can not be downloaded) and Of course, the one we are sharing, if we do not share, we will not go down.

This is the philosophy of this type of networks “give and take” and although they have already released some projects that allow downloading eMule without sharing, the fact of using them would be throwing stones against our own roof, because if everyone used them it would be the end of these networks.

Personally I prefer the ares, but for tastes the colors 😛 finally tell you to be careful with what you download, always respecting the current law 🙂 and that many of the configurations explained here can endanger your computer.

Test to find out if your ISP blocks p2p traffic

You will finally know the truth! through this test we can check if your ISP blocks p2p traffic, because it is hosted on a single server is very likely that it is saturated, so we can also download the source code and run it locally from our computer.

When Ares does not connect

When our Ares does not connect it is possible that the protocols are not working correctly for whatever reason, therefore it would be convenient to test this resource.

First we must download this compressed file, which has the files that

will allow Ares to connect to the network and download normally.

Unzip the file and the extracted content we must copy it in
“C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ Local Settings \ Program Data \ Ares \ Data”, to which we must replace “USER” with the name of our user in Windows.

We paste and replace the existing files.

Patch for the Ares

If your Ares does not work properly, it is cut, the downloads do not start … try this patch, I have not needed it personally, but at least, it is not harmful to the system, it has been analyzed with virustotal and of 36 antivirus none has detected anything .

Analysis of the file AFix_1.0_by-Kahl.rar received on 04.10.2008 17:54:48 (CET)
Current status: analysis completed Result: 0/36 (0%)
Download patch for the Ares

Speed up Bittorrent with ONO
Ono, is an application that allows using algorithms to detect similar downloads to accelerate the download speed of any torrent file that we download.

Ojo, Ono is a program and has nothing to do except the name with the Spanish company …

Other tips to increase the speed of Bittorrent

We must take into account a series of factors that help / damage our connection.

  • Limit upload speed: The explanation you gave for this advice is simple. Our connection is a tube, if it is at its maximum capacity, it will be obstructed.
  • Choose the maximum number of correct connections: The excess of connections can slow down the download of the torrent, instead of accelerating. In the μTorrent Speed Guide (Options – Speed Guide), it is suggested that for users with an upload connection higher than 256 kbits / sec, place 30 connections and 60 in total.
  • Run as few torrent numbers as possible: Less is more. Again the μTorrent Speed Guide suggests the optimal values, 2 torrents maximum for users that has a upload speed of 256 kbits / sec. In this way, our client takes advantage of the greatest number of connections.