Prospectus shows that ma has spent $49.7 million buy plane from ali

message at noon on May 7, alibaba group, according to the prospectus of alibaba group and ma in 2013 reached an agreement on March 26, according to this agreement, group chairman jack ma, alibaba spending $49.7 million the ownership of a business jets, the amount is the plane of the original purchase price. Then jack ma allow alibaba to unpaid rent the plane. At the same time, alibaba and related companies reached an aircraft maintenance and additional fee agreement.

after the Facebook group of would-be CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and COO Cheryl Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) using a private jet. In addition to the commercial activity, zuckerberg also can use the plane for private purposes, it is out of safety concerns for his company. This part of the fee as part of the compensation. Last year, the company’s total spending by $692679 for this purpose.

at home, many enterprises head for the convenience of business travel and have commercial aircraft, such as broad chairman zhang yue, chairman, shi yuzhu giant network, sohu chairman zhang, etc.