Pull hook net $25 million B round of funding, the valuation of $150 million

last night, vertical recruitment website to pull hook net announced that IT has completed a $25 million B round, site valuation of $150 million. This round by qiming led, bertelsmann and shot.

zhaopin, compared in terms of China person of outstanding ability, pull hook net is a completely new entrants. Pull hook net was established, in July 2013 in IT field for vertical cuts, coffee elements from 3 w to management positions, among them, xu chairman alone, madelung ceos, and BaoYiLe as a CMO. Won a xiao-ping xu, li qing et al., 2 million yuan angel investment. At the end of march this year to pull hook net bertelsmann, A round of funding, allegedly investment was $5 million.

pull hook network today, according to data released so far, the site has 1 million registered users, CV to amount to 3 million person-time, providing services for more than 2 m company, providing 120000 valid straight position.