Push independent job application, and bring the official recruitment field!

according to the LinkedIn is currently about 40% of the 300 million users via mobile devices to log in LinkedIn, in order to better adapt to the people to move the preference, which recently introduced a mobile client application LinkedIn Job Search (LinkedIn Job) on social platform for the user Job provides a more convenient way. The adapter iOS only the application, the future will focus on other platforms.

(currently is not available for China)



and on the website of retain access to the records in a different way, LinkedIn’s launch of a mobile application attaches great importance to users privacy, will not disclose the user’s job searches.

product manager Daniel Ayele wrote in a blog post, search for the next work in office environment is obviously not convenient, may sometimes also have to tell the boss to explain. And LinkedIn Job Search will provide users with more concise, private Job Search experience – in Job Search operations on the client to remain private and will not share unity to the user’s social network.

function more

LinkedIn said that the Job Search based on LinkedIn original client has added many new features:

– search and apply for more refined, can position, location, company, industry, and qualifications for custom search

– based on the LinkedIn currently adopted algorithm, Job Search will be based on the Search records and LinkedIn account information for users to recommend the suitable position information

– are detailed background information for users of the target company, and help users to analysis how to target companies to expand their own social network

– a more optimized to remind function, help users to obtain first-hand information to apply for a job, in time and provide to-do reminders and cheat.


– depth using platform resources

as a standalone application of LinkedIn indisputably, Job Search could help LinkedIn, give full play to the resource platform, attract more traffic, not only into the hands of the applicant, will also become more recruiters use conveniently recruitment platform.

– use promote independent brand platform application development

at present, like Facebook social networking platform are introduced they owned independent application, the application of such peripheral products relying on the brand effect of original platform, are more likely to have a good customer base, while the independence of the function to broader product users.

– expand advertising revenue point

from the above two points, both depth development resources and cover more users, all for the application of LinkedIn has brought a lot of traffic. And traffic is a big key, the advertising business as a big platform, advertising business profitability is also considered by LinkedIn. LinkedIn said advertising remains a potential, advertising revenue last quarter which reflects the good growth momentum. Therefore LinkedIn is also considering a formal advertising business as profit, concrete may be reference to the practice of Facebook.

future competition

of course, the Job Search will not always be in a state of advantages, such as CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com giants, JIBE with independent mobile applications such as Proven Glassdoor, attaches great importance to the work environment evaluation, etc., in a period of time in the future will be LinkedIn Job Search rival.

but for users, constantly optimize the application of the job site, is to help you timely access to information, more easily and efficiently find suits own position.