Push MOTOROLA to unlock the phone “smart tattoo”

if it is in April, that the title can be a terrier April fool’s day!

but now is July, this is not what a joke: work with a company named VivaLnk MOTOROLA has developed a could be directly without PIN to unlock the smartphone temporary tattoo stickers. Stick a tattoo on the skin, take up device at tattoo and click – mobile phone unlocked!

now, who want to try, like the elves in the shuttle in space and time for the phone to unlock password are made gestures or facial recognition technology then cool! (cloud network editor: hunting in the star trek series all kinds of high LengXuan technology of cool! Can make the Spock Watkins hand salute a password? Live long and prosper!

but then again, what is the principle of the unlock? Actually this kind of temporary tattoo implanted a thin stick NFC circuit, of course, it is made up of medical 3 m glue wrapped, didn’t (or shouldn’t be any harm to the skin.

MOTOROLA claims that this tattoo is waterproof and resistance to movement damage, the longest can keep five days – so spend $10 for 10 package is you are cool enough for a month and a half.

, etc., don’t worry first order, there is a warm prompt: the tattoo paste is currently only support MOTOROLA home Moto X (potential customers for testing the severely limited niche markets “exotic” product not be good to oneself, so the phone models can support is also very limited). If using other types of cool Android phone but don’t want to follow, that you unlock gesture might be “accident”.

hunting cloud network editor you finally want to say: later with it to store cool, more a ask you for promoters passion “dot mole! ?” The reason of…